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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maximizing Tour Gaming Dollar The Chaos Way: Flesh Hounds of Khorne

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos is back in action. Sorry I've been spotty lately- work and life has gotten in the way, preventing me from hobbying, let alone posting. However, work craziness has passed and I'm hoping to post once a week or so once again.

I did manage to get in a few games with the new Codex: Khorne Daemonkin before work went crazy. I really like the book, though after the recent releases of Eldar and Space Marines, I feel somewhat cheated and diminished. Yikes- Space Marines are crazy now. I'm quite disconcerted after reading that behemoth of a book.

However, I will continue to develop my Khornate army, as I love the concept and it is only building upon my World Eaters. I have enjoyed every game I've played with this codex though, win lose or draw. Its a fun book with some great fluffy rules but is in now way overbearing. One of the things that I have noticed in all my games so far is the ubiquity of the Flesh Hounds of Khorne. I have six of the metal ones (the reptilian looking ones). I like those models, but I never found them too useful. However, in my recent games, I have summoned them with the Blood Tithe and they have been pivotal each time. One game in particular stands out- the Grey Knight unit was walking away with the Relic. My hounds were summoned (as if by Khorne himself, set loose upon his cowardly foes), chasing down the unit and wreaking havoc, killing the unit and claiming the relic, giving me the game.

Now, this got me thinking- could they be useful in other ways? They are fast, have multiple wounds, and are fairly cheap. And, IF you use their formation (the Gorepack), they get Hammer of Wrath to boot. The more I looked at them, the more I said "What was I thinking? Not using them- I'm an idiot.  I need more of them- pronto!"

Funny enough, all my local stores were out of them (other Khorne Daemonkin players must have had the same ephipany as I did about the Flesh Hounds). So, I went on GWs web site, and I was about to order when I saw the price--- $49.50. For 5 of them. That's 10 bucks a model. What the F--- GW?!

Ahem. Well, as you know, Old Man Chaos is not one to take things lying down. I bent all of my evil, Chaotic intellect to solving the problem, refusing to rest or take any nourishment until I found a cost effective way of collecting skulls for Khorne! Hey- Khorne gets mad at GW prices just like any of us... he understands my feelings.

So, what foul solution did I come up with? It was so easy- I decided to use Fantasy Chaos Warhounds. Now, they may not be quite as fancy as the Flesh Hounds, but they get the job done. They are hounds, and with the proper paint job, they fit in perfectly with my Khorne forces. Heck, they even look like the Flesh Hounds from several editions ago.... so why the heck not.

It's a deal that even Khorne would approve of *. The Warhounds box gives you 10 of them for.... 24.75. Yes, you read that right- 10 hounds for 24.75. Now, you don't have to be a math genius to figure it out. 5 Finecast Flesh Hounds ($49.50) vs. 10 Warhounds ($24.75). Which is the better deal... Hmmmm...

That means you COULD get 20 hounds for the price of 5 Flesh Hounds.... Which is exactly what I did. For 49.50 I got 20 Warhounds- which have now been painted to be Flesh Hounds (I finished these 10, and am working on the next 10). Now, that is a damn fine amount of savings right there. Thus, you are clearly maximizing your gaming dollar.

 And there aren't too many opponents who would deny your using them (if they do, they are assholes. There. I said it). Chaotic hounds are chaotic hounds. Period. As for me and Khorne, we are  happy, for soon 20 "Flesh Hounds" will be roaming the battlefields, stalking their prey and running them to ground, thus ensuring that the blood flows. And what a bargain! Lol.

 I hope this article will inspire you as you build your Daemonkin. I now have to work on a few more Chaos Bikers so that I can comfortably run the Gorepack. Now the question is- will it be 2 groups of 10 each or 4 groups of 5... Either way, blood tithes will be earned! Until next time...

* Could you imagine the Chaos gods haggling over GW prices? Khorne would be enraged, cutting off the heads of GW stockholders right and left.  Nurgle would be saying 'This hobby is so expensive... I'm going to leave... Awww. Who am I kidding... I can't leave my lovelies". Slaanesh would just snort his plastic crack and not feel guilty. Tzeentch - I think he would seek out the Chinese knock-offs that I've seen out there- he would pass them off as examples of his magic... "I got this dreadnought for $3.50... How? Only the changer of the ways knows that..."


  1. Those hounds look great and good on you to find a cheaper solution. :)

    I wonder how many young eager minds are being priced out of what is effectively a great hobby. Let's face it, GW stuff is ubiquitous as miniatures go and as such they are the entry point for most in this hobby. Stop them there and many other miniature companies who make less profit are going to go under. Sad sad times ... when is it never. :(

  2. I'm not foolish enough to deny inflation OR the need to make profit, but sometimes GW is ridiculous in their pricing. I agree with you- how are ANY new people going to get into the hobby if it's so darn expensive? And GWs Formations are not helping at all.

    Previously, you could have 2 troops, 1 Hq, 1 Elite, 1 or 2 FA, and 1 or 2 Heavy and presto, you'd have a decent army, and not too expensive. But as model prices have gone up, GW has these "Formations", requiring lots of additional models. Now, I know you don't HAVE to do Formations, but if you don't you are at a disadvantage against an opponent who does. So now you have to spend even more!