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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Is Introducing Someone To 40K Like A Medical Emergency?

Hey there Chaos followers and heretics. Old Man Chaos is back with a bit of a kind of humorous post. But first, I just did a quick read through of the Imperial Guard codex (I am fine with Astra Millitarum, but I'm always going to call it IG). I really like the codex- the orders system is really solid, there is potential for lots of Psykers and such, and of course, the tanks are as dangerous as ever (the Hydra will be a must in this age of flyers). I think the book is really solid- I shall have to work on my Traitor Guardsmen, that's for sure!

The Ultramarine's line
The Scions of Gorechild prepare to charge

At any rate, last Friday was round 3 for me and my friend Brian, whom I have been introducing Warhammer 40K to. To begin with, Brian already knows about Warhammer from the computer fantasy games (which, I'm frankly not sure), but he knew little about 40K. He always saw my models and all that, so finally he had asked what it was about, so I loaned him the big rule book so he could see for himself. At any rate, he decided that he wanted to try, so I let him use my Ultramarines and away we went. In our first match (at like 800 points), his Ultramarines shot my Khorne Bezerkers all to hell, and he won. Wow. Beginner's luck or a hustler? Ha. The first game was a basic set up, with some Marines, a dreadnought each, etc. Simple enough to learn the rules. Brain was successful in fire discipline, carefully whittling down each unit in turn- impressive enough for a newbie. In our second match at 1200 or so, the Scions of Gorechild got revenge, defeating the Ultramarines handily (Brian learned to hate the Maulerfiend, which quickly tore through his back ranks, and the Defiler, which blew huge holes in his lines). We introduced jump packs as well as deep strike and Terminators. Brian appreciated the learning curve thus far.

The Stalker was ready to shoot down enemy aircraft

So, this past Friday Brian said he wanted to play again. So we increased it to about 1800 points, and included flyers (Heldrake versus Storm Talon, as well as a Stalker tank, which I wanted to see in action). This game would allow Brian to play a larger match, as well as learning about Flyers.

The Defiler blew up chunks of the Ultramarine line
The mission was Relic, for which we used a simple set of barrels amid a crashed ship (who knows what was in those drums? A hiding Inquisitor perhaps? Nyuk Nyuk). Brain won the roll off but decided to let me go first- that'll learn him not to do that again. I decided to hold nothing in reserve and charged everything at him, as a Khorne lord should. My Defiler cut a whole into his army, taking out some of his jump squad and some regular men, thanks to a drifting blast template.

Two Maulerfiends can be quite a headache

Brian again was very disciplined in firing, even taking out a couple of my Chaos bikes as well as some of my Warp Talons. He naturally targeted both Maulerfiends, (eventually taking out one with a hale of fire from his Dreadnought). His Land Speeders shot my cultists all to hell (as I was sure he would).His Librarian suffered a perils of the warp with double 6s, which made me laugh (and Brian scowl).

Smite the enemies of the Imperium of Mankind!!

I failed to give the bikes the mark of Khorne- an accident that became a big mistake

Close combat was amusing at times. My first Maulerfiend wrecked a squad before it was destroyed. My second Maulerfiend killed the Stalker (thus I still didn't see it in action). My bikes shot at and charged the Scouts- but I didn't give them the Mark of Khorne and thus couldn't cut through them fast enough. My last remaining Talons got into it with the Assault Terminators, but those thunder hammer / storm shield combos hurt. The funny part was my champion challenged his sarge, and... both of us came up with lousy rolls, not even scoring hits (I didn't take VoLW, as I want him to learn more rules before I turn it up a notch). My damn Heldrake was nowhere to be seen. Damn it.

A fight that went nowhere for two turns.

Keep moving... blood for the blood god!
Then,  his Storm Talon roared in, Lascannon blazing at my Defiler, destroying it. Combats were not going anywhere, as the bikes just couldn't finish off enough of the Scouts still, and the Warp Talons finally getting knocked out. But, by top of turn 3, my Lord and his Terminator retinue had just taken the relic. Yes, Brian was about to pitch a lot of his force toward me, but I had a Maulerfiend and an inbound Heldrake that could ruin his day, as well as two squads of mostly untouched Bezerkers at either side of the Lord's squad.

The Stormtalon's arrival heralded the end of the Defiler

Keep your eyes on the prize!
Then, as it was about to start Brian's turn 3, he said he needed to go to the bathroom. Sure- happens to all of us, even in the midst of battle. But then, when he emerged from the bathroom... he was as pale as could be!! He said that he needed to go to the doctor ASAP. What?! Holy Cow!! I have met people who couldn't handle losing before, but geez. To fake going to the hospital to get out of losing... ;-)

Actually, Brian did suffer a medical problem, and thankfully the ER was able to help him. I've never heard of a game of 40K making someone sick before (Ha ha. These jokes just write themselves). Apparently he was ill from rolling too many ones (see what I mean). Just when I think I have seen it all as a 40K player... I've never sent an opponent to the ER before. This will be a game I will long remember, for its crazy ending!

For his part, Brian was as gracious as usual, conceding the game to me, since I had the relic. He says he wants a rematch though, as soon as he is 100%. He obviously likes the game...

Can you top that gaming war story? Until next time...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A couple of Rhinos and Epidemus

Hey there Chaos fanatics. Old Man Chaos here with another edition of Chaos Corner. I've been working on a ton of stuff- indeed, I have been suffering from painter's ADHD, working on a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I've got some good stuff coming down the pike, if I can just focus on one thing... geez.

I have been interested to see the Imperial Guard stuff coming from GW (excuse me, Astra Millitarum). I dislike the tracks of the Taurox, but the rest of the vehicle is just fine. I don't know how I'd fix those wheels though... The Tempestus (storm troopers) are really fine models though, with plenty of detail and accessories. I'm diggin the Hydra/Wyvern, I have to say. I will be buying the Guard codex this weekend, so I'll let you know what I think after I read through it all. As for the Tempestus "supplement"- I won't get it, but I like the idea of an all storm trooper force and the fluff behind it. But I do like the Guard, and I can't wait to get my grubby hands on that book.

Good shot of my 4th Rhino
On another front, I have played 2 games with my friend Brian, who is new to the game. He won the first go, but I won the second go. Now, he wants revenge this week. I'll be sure to take pictures and make a formal battle report. I wonder if he will buy an army? I certainly don't mind him borrowing mine if he decides not to. Time will tell. I also plan on going to my local store next week, getting back into the gaming scene there after this rather nasty (and busy) winter.

Does that really look over the top? Ha ha.

At any rate, I have some pics here of a Plague Marine Rhino and the daemon Epidemus. I have shown the Rhino before, but these pics are better due to the new studio that I'm using (have I mentioned that I love the set up?).

I like the Nurgling playing in the guts.
Now, the Rhino is a fine vehicle, but I'm always trying to make them look different for the Plague Marines. I worked on this puppy last summer before my big Apocalypse game. I used lots of putty for this one. I decided to go completely over the to with guts. I've got guts on the top, and in the rear. I know it was a bit much, but if you can't go over the top with Chaos, who can you go over the top with?

Forge World doors on my 4th Rhino

This is my favorite Rhino. 2 of my oldest Rhinos that I did I did WAAAAAAYY back when I was first building my Plague Marine army look  quite primitive compared to what I would eventually do with my army. The third Rhino I did is more in line with the rest of my army.

3rd Rhino Pic 1 (inspired by an old conversion in 3rd edition's codex)
3rd Rhino Pic 2 (the forerunner of my 4th Rhino)
3rd Rhino Pic 3- fungal growths and slime

My new 4th Rhino is slightly different, but it is so over the top that I just love it. It certainly gets a lot of looks when I take it gaming. When players tell me "Ewww. That's gross", I just smile. Papa Nurgle would be proud.

Awwww. He's drooling. Isn't that cute?
The other guy I want to show I probably haven't shown specifically, though you may have seen him in some battle report pics. The Tallyman himself, Epidemus.

I have an old model (which my friend bought for me from a Battlewagon, believe it or not), which was a Plague Lord on a Palanquin. I love that model, and still use it sometimes. I really loved the model. The only thing I disliked was the nurglings holding him up- not them, but the way I painted them. I tried to do them different colors, and they ended up a bit too technicolor for my tastes.

But, when Epidemus was released, my Nurgle painting style was perfected, and he ended up looking like the metal Plaguebarers that I did at that time. I sickly pale color, with just some green in there. I was always happy with how I did the maggots/vomit on his stomach. The yellow ink really sets that off on the model.

Better was the nurglings carrying him, which I did various shades of green. Thus, I avoided the random colors, but made them just different enough so that they are distinct. I really like how the nurglings are all over the place on this model, struggling to keep the throne upright under Epidemus' bulk. 

"Tally Your Blessings"
I have had mixed results with Epidemus on the field, and he always got killed before his Tallyman effect could really get going. That and I lost track of how many my Nurgle units killed (my fault). I will use him again at some point, and I will absolutely try to do better with him in the future. I have never done an all Nurgle daemon army though- perhaps it is time for me to do just that... hmmm. We shall see.

At any rate, that's it for me. Oh, before I go- I saw Captain American 2. It was awesome, and I should try to write up a review on it soon. I really want to see it again before I do, as it has a lot going on (all of it cool).

Until next time...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Conversion Time: A Nurgle Heldrake

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos is back with another blog post- trying this weekly proved to be too difficult, but I am trying to get a few a month up, plus keep up with my painting and hobby related stuff. I have a few things I want to talk about and show off, starting with a recently completed Plague Marine Heldrake. So, away we go...

"The man at Radio Shack said I was mad... Well- who's mad now? Hahahaha!"

I was in my local store a few months ago (before winter came and derailed my whole schedule) gaming (I forget which battle it was now). As such, there were a bunch of us hanging around, talking about strategies, upcoming GW releases and, modelling. Well, I am not sure how the conversation turned, but I remarked that the Heldrake did not lend itself easily to Nurgle- it didn't look sickly. So, I proposed a conversion that would take parts of the zombie dragon fantasy box and basically kit bash it to make a properly decayed looking Plague Heldrake. As I discussed the potential conversion, one esteemed gamer told me it could not be done. The wings were the wrong size, it would be impossible to get them to stay- and so forth. He told me that I was mad to even think of such a thing! Well, that did it. The old Chaos converter in me decided to take up the gauntlet that was thrown down- I WOULD accomplish this feat!!!

So, it took me a few months due to interruptions (like, say, oh I don't Imperial Knight perhaps, just for starters... as well as me getting back into Ultramarines and continuing with my Khorne Bezerkers... Geez), but I finally set to work. Having 2 kits, I decided to kit bash them in equal measure- thus 2 kits will get me 2 Heldrakes (not exactly saving money the Chaos way, but the zombie dragon is slightly cheaper than the Heldrake, so...). What follows is the first Heldrake that I completed.

Basically, I decided to use the body of the Heldrake with zombie dragon wings. So, it is fairly simple: I glued the wings onto the body. Presto. It was not difficult at all. Indeed, the nub of the wing fit fairly well in the nub for the Heldrake wing, though it was not a perfect fit. In order to make sure it wouldn't break, I added a bit of putty work to secure it. Frankly, I think this was the most straightforward conversion I've ever done. The wings fit just fine. And while they are a bit smaller than the Heldrake wings, it is still a large wingspan (just backwards instead of forwards).

The head was actually trickier. It was not going to fit onto the body at all, so I had to cut, pin, and use plenty of putty. This was actually clever (if I do say so myself)- I used the decayed neck to actually hide the conversion- the putty around it looks like dead skin and even tissue in the throat of the ugly beast. With the putty securing it, I know that head isn't going anywhere. And the downward angle of the neck and head makes it look like that it is belching a poisonous Nurgle fume on the terrified Guardsmen below! Hahaha!! Nurgle loves his little pets indeed! For the final touch, I put Chaos Spawn hooks in for the Heldrake legs, thus making it look totally warped and unnatural. Plus, the poisoned hooks will be lethal for those Vector Strikes.

So, now for the paint job. I started the whole thing with Deathworld Forest green. The Heldrake body would stay that color, pretty much. On the wings and neck, I built up from there with Nurgling Green and even a drybrush of brighter flesh shades (to give the wings definition). The bone was my usual Dust buildup, with a drybrush of Tyrant Skull and a light Praxetti White.

The metal portions were done up in Leadblecher followed by washes of Earthshade and then the new Effect Paint of Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Orange drybrush. The effect is different from my old way of doing rust, but the effect cannot be denied- the thing looks rusty and broken and dirty- just the way Grandpa Nurgle likes it!

The engines I did purple (it really does contrast the green well). The bone continues from the neck to the back of the Heldrake, giving a nice bit of continuity there. The "legs" I did in the green, but the hooks I did bone, but without the drybrushing of Praxetti. The guts in the neck I did with various reds (I was going to do pink, but I decided against it). I must admit it took me a bit of time to get the wings and bone just the way I wanted them.

However, the model was not done. How could it be, now that we have that fantastic effect paint, Nurgle's Rot. I applied it rather generously, as this is a Plague Heldrake. I was careful to put just a bit on the tongue and his teeth, looking like he just spewed the unholy filth of Nurgle upon his errant children. I also put a bit on the wings, just to give them a slimy look. Thus, my beast was completed, and I am eager to have him take to the field!

Of course, I am still working on my other Heldrake, though working with the zombie dragon body is far trickier than I had first imagined. However, with the spring here I will put him together, sooner or later. I'll let you know how that one goes.

A few other things I wanted to talk about. First- the weekly White Dwarfs. I think they have been really good lately, since they have been 40K focused. In particular, the issue that gave the rules for the Knights. Now, I know some people complained that the codex was pricey for 1 model army. I didn't mind, as I loved the fluff for this newly re-illuminated area of the 40K lore. But- the rules were in a 4.00 WD, which is amazing if you think about it. Again, the weekly WD is giving us choice, which is good.

I am not pleased about the recent "limited supply" Void Shield generator though. I don't mind having limited edition books, so long as the regular book is out there. Forgeworld is expensive, but you don't NEED anything from there. The special one off model like the "White Dwarf"... who cares. But- this is different. They limited it to 1,000... what? Why would they do that? It's stupid. And I wasn't even going to buy it in any case (so this is not sour grapes for not being one of the lucky 1,000). It just makes no sense. This reminds me of what comic books did in the 90s- limited edition this or bagged copy that. Ugh. That is something this hobby does NOT need, and I hope they don't repeat this experiment in the near future.

I made this with a Demotivator site... and saved 100$
Finally, I introduced a friend to the game last week. He knew about Warhammer in general from computer games (fantasy, mostly). He saw my models when he visited my house on many occasions. He was interested, so I loaned him the rule book, which he read through. So, the time was right and we played a 1,000 point game- Ultramarines versus Khorne Bezerkers. I made both lists, but allowed him to choose. He chose Ultramarines... and proceeded to kick my ass! Brian was a quick study, and was rolling and cursing the dice gods just like the rest of us. He won 4 to 8 for points. He did a fine job. The best part... he wants to play again this week...

As Mr. Burns would say... Excellent!!

Until next time...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What A Terrible Knight To Have A Curse...

Hey there Chaos fanatics. I have a confession for you, my dear readers. It is a secret, a deep dark, shameful secret. I hope that you won't share it with anyone outside of our little circle of Chaos worshipers. Come closer, so I can whisper it to you...

I am weak.

When I first heard about the Knights- I said meh. Even though I have been rebooting my Ultramarines even as I continue building my Khorne Bezerker warband, I heard about the Knight and said "Sounds good, but I don't know if I need it". The rumor was there was to be no Chaos version (or rules for conversions that us Chaos guys love to do). Did my Ultramarines need a super-heavy? I was certainly curious about it, but I decided that I would not get one.

Then, I saw the damn thing. How could any Warhammer 40K fan not love that model? Holy cow- what a look. What a design. I fell in love immediately (sorry wifey!). I knew that I had to have one... But, could I spend $140 plus tax? My semi-local didn't help, tempting me with a $120 price tag... Oh cruel temptation!! I looked sheepishly at my wife and... well, she clearly loves me enough to indulge in my particular habit- though she said I couldn't buy a new model for a while (Though I love the new Helbrute- do I really need that right now? I have more Dreadnoughts than I know what to do with!). So, with my pusher... er... friendly hobby store owner looking at me knowingly, I caved in and bought the Imperial Knight.

I won't go into all the details, but this was my thought process--- I would paint it in my own colors (deciding to go Freeblade) and come up with a brief history for him. I could use him as an ally for my Ultramarines for sure. If I were feeling charitable, I will let my brother use him for Imperial Guard or his Grey Knights. Then, when I go to my local- if I want to really really use my Lord of Skulls and my opponent is slightly skeptical, I would loan him my Knight to make it a more even fight (why not, right?).

I want to tell my Freeblade's story, but I want to just go into the paint scheme. I wanted something blue, but not Tzeentch blues or Ultramarine blue. I needed something different. I decided to go with Stegadon Scale Green as the basecoat. I loved it so much, that I decided that would be the primary color. I then used Thunderhawk Blue for the contrasting plates, with Russ Grey as an edge highlight. The effect is to make it a blue war machine, but not too bright. To me, it was the perfect mix of blues- looking like nothing I have ever done before. The trim is Balathazar Gold base and Hapshut Copper over it. The metal was typical- Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil all over, Ironbreaker dry brushed, Eathshade in various spots, and finally Runefang on a few select parts. As for the decals that I used- I liked some of the ones on the sheet, but frankly, I wanted something unique (but I suck at freehand)- so I used the scythe from the Imperial Guard sheet as his main symbol, with a skull motif for most of the decals. I do love the huge skull ones from the Imperial Knight decal sheet though, so I had to use them.

Overall, I am thrilled with how this guy came out. He looks totally unique- I have never painted anything remotely in those colors. The decals added that final touch, making the whole thing really stand out. I am looking forward to fielding this bad boy. So, who is this Freeblade... let's look at the sad yet heroic background of this mighty Knight...

The Knightly House of Dilabor was known for its brave and unflinching Knights. House Dilabor had been loyal to the Imperium since the days of the Great Crusade, when the world was found by the Ultramarines in the Ultima Segmentum. The lords of Dilabor quickly recognized the wisdom, strength, and statesmanship of Guilliman (who met the lords personally, or so legends say), and swore allegiance to the warriors of Ultramar and the Emperor whom they served. During the Heresy, they came to the aid of the Ultramarines time and again, fighting the depredations of the Word Bearers and World Eaters during the Shadow Crusade.


At the conclusion of the Heresy, the Knights of House Dilabor sent their knights far and wide, aiding Guilliman in the defense of the Imperium during the Scouring. Indeed, their were only a handful of knights left on their homeworld, such was their dedication. During the Scouring, the Lord Prime of the House of Dilabor himself, Zyknos the Great, led a contingent of seven Knights alongside the White Scars and the Ultramarines against the marauding forces of the traitorous Death Guard. Legend has it that Lord Prime Zyklos had Mortarion himself in his sights, and the battle was joined- Primarch versus Knight. The day seemed to belong to Zyklos, but through some foul trickery, the Death Lord was able to escape with his wretched life. It is told that Mortarion cursed Zyklos, and swore to bring ruin upon the House of Dilabor one day, even if it took an eternity.

Zyklos brought great honor to his House that day, and in the days that followed. However, when he returned finally to his howeworld and his keep- The Domain of Vereor, he discovered the tragic price of his House Dilabor's increased honor- almost all of his Knights were killed in their battles in The Scouring, including his beloved eldest son, Hansius. Legend tells that Zyklos was broken by the grief- he removed all the colorful tapestries, elegant statues, and magnificent paintings from Vereor. He ordered that forevermore the Domain will be blackened, and the names of the dead were to be venerated for all time. Thus began the tradition of Dilabor Tristis- a ceremony for the fallen, so lengthy, so ponderous, so depressing, surpassing any and all other such House traditions.

Thus, it went on for millennia, with the descendants of Zyklos maintaining the somber traditions set forth by Zyklos. Even though the Mechanicum awarded Dilabor with more Imperial Knights than they had before, the pain of the loss was always within the House- never to be forgotten. Through the proceeding centuries, House Dilabor continued to be known for their bravery and sacrifice, though their attitude in fighting was less than joyous, unlike other Knights who revel in their power. It seemed the Knights of House Dilabor had a grim determination to do their job, and nothing more.

In the 41st Millenium, the Lord Prime of Dilabor (and direct descendant of Zyklos himself) Pecatus the Questing. Pecatus continued the Dilabor tradition of aiding all who came asking for the Knights to defend their worlds, just as he continued the tradition of Dilabor Tristis. Pecatus had just married his consort, and was actually content (something most Knights of Dilabor never were). One day, the Ultramarines petitioned Dilabor for aid against the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Behemoth. In order to prove his bravery to his beautiful consort, Pecatus himself led a contingent of Knights against the Xenos menace. Upon the defeat of the Tyranids, Pecatus returned home to find his consort dying of an incurable illness. He arrived just in time to watch his young bride die in his arms. Pecatus was immediately reminded of the plight of his forebear, and decreed that his wife will be forever remembered in the Grand Tristis- a ceremony lamenting his wife. The Lord Prime thus fell into a morose, grieving state, refusing even to take to his Knight to joust or make war. It was like this for a decade and more. The lords of House Dilabor, sworn in allegiance to their Lord Prime, could do nothing to assuage their master's guilt and sadness. Even Pecatus' brother, Fedelo, could not rouse his brother.

Then, one day, a Ecclasiarch Bishop came to the homeworld, for the world of House Dilabor were incredibly faithful to the Imperial Creed. The Bishop sought out Pecatus, only to find the Prime Lord inconsolable. The Bishop remained for seven months, when he asked to see Pecatus again. The Bishop reminded Pecatus that all things pass and that all things die. The Bishop suggested that the Lord Prime create even more ceremonies to honor all the fallen of Dilabor. Pecatus was impressed that the Bishop seemed to understand his pain, and he followed the Bishop's advice, making an even grander and more tragic Tristis ceremony. This litany for the dead grew ever longer and more ponderous, with the Bishop adding even more sad memorials with Pecatus' approval.

The influence of the Bishop grew more and more over the miserable Lord Prime, and the lesser lords were torn. Some supported their liege lord and his Bishop, while other lords, including Fedelo, began to resent the Bishop's influence. However, the situation worsened when the Ultramarines once again petitioned House Dilabor for aid to fight a new Tyranid incursion. The Bishop counselled that Petacus should not be so quick to respond, lest he suffer the same fate as his ancestor. The Bishop suggested that the Ultramarines fight their own battles. Thus, the Lord Prime rejected the call, keeping his Knights on the homeworld. His brother was furious- demanding an explanation, to which his brother replied "All things die. It matters not when or how. By the slow march of time or the claws of the Xenos. All things die in the end. Why struggle so"? Instead of fighting, Petacus called for a new ritual to honor the fallen, with symbols and words strange to the ears of the gathered lords- words introduced by the Bishop.

This pattern continued for a year, until Fedelo and his allies could bear it no more- they demanded that Petacus change his course and restore honor to the House. The Bishop called it treachery, and urged the Lord Prime to fight the dissenters. Thus, began the conflict that tore House Dilabor asunder. Knight against Knight- the homeworld became a slaughterhouse, where innocent peasants died in the hundreds of thousands in the crossfire.

In an attempt to break the stalemate, Fedelo and his Knights massed to charge the Domain Vereor. As this last stand progressed, Petacus' Knights were faltering. At this moment, the Bishop played his last hand- in the midst of battle, he strove onto the battlefield and used sorcerers warp power against the Knights-n and it stood revealed that the Bishop was a scion of Chaos- a devoted follower of the god Nurgle. Even Petacus, who was so under the sway of the Bishop, was horrified at the truth- his loyal confidant was in fact a foul denizen of the ruinous powers.

What happened next is all conjecture. The battle raged- but when the smoke cleared, the corrupted Bishop was slain, and only one Knight stood. The Knight quickly disappeared- leaving behind wrecked Knights and a world that would now struggle to survive the wounds inflicted upon it by its own House. Not long thereafter, this solitary Knight reappeared in battle next to the Ultramarines, as if fulfilling the old oaths of Dilabor once more. The Knight was called Veritas.

Who is Veritas? Some believe that it is Fedelo, fighting on to restore the honor of his fallen house. Others claim that it is Petacus himself, who is now fighting not just to restore honor for Dilabor, but also to redeem himself. Or is there another explanation? No one knows the truth, just as no one has seen the man within the Imperial Knight. Thus Veritas has always appeared to help the loyal forces of the Imperium- unasked for, but always decisive, and always welcomed by the armies of the Emperor, and yet as silent as the grave.

So, that's the background for my Freeblade. Hope you've enjoyed the story and the pics. And yes, I am weak... I'm trying to resist buying that sexy Hellbrute...