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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Some Adeptus Mechanicus Terrain

Hello once again Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos is back after a couple of months with some newly painted stuff. I know I haven't posted in awhile but I have been working on some terrain when I have been able to- things are just so busy with the baby and all. I steal some time for modeling here and there as best as I can.

At any rate, I told you guys last time that I had been bitten by the terrain bug. I really want to create an entire table of Manufactorum-style terrain. An entire industrial sector to battle over. Last time I did the Sector Mechanicus building, which turned out pretty good- though I was dividing my hobby time between the Knight and that building.

So now I'm back with some other painted up terrain. First up are my Plasma Conduits (AKA pipes) and Plasma Regulators. I used the same paint scheme as the rest of my pipes and mechanicus stuff.

The metal is Leadbelcher, washed in Earthshade, with Ryza orange, Nurgle slime,  and Typhus Corrosion to add rust and other effects to the pipes. The red plasma is done with several red highlights followed up by the red gemstone technical paint, thus giving it a bright, energized effect.

The Conduits (pipes) go with my other pipes, so I now have a huge pipeline if I want to. And the Regulators can go with the pipes, as can the Haemotropic Reactors. I really like how just about everything in the Mechanicus terrain line up goes together so well.

Speaking of going together well, I also completed what I consider to be my centerpiece mechanicus terrain, the Tectonic Fragdrill. I say go together well because the piece went together very easily. It is just two platforms on top of each other plus the drill rig, which was fairly straightforward (except trying to get the drill on the track but it didn't take too long).

The metal sections are the same as I described above, except I put Necron Compound onto the drill itself, just to give it a little highlight. The armored surfaces I did Khnorne Red to match my other Mechanicus terrain pieces.

Putting the drill with my other mechanicus platforms, you can see how it all goes so nicely together.  If I had more platforms I could build quite a series of catwalks along with the drill. I probably won't go THAT nuts, but it is something for me to think about at some point.

So that is all I have to say about that (thanks Forrest Gump). I still have one more thing of terrain I have to work on, then its onto some regular stuff again (Hello Lord Discordant and Abaddon).

Until next time...

Sunday, March 31, 2019

For Your Consideration: Imperial Knight Castellan (plus a bonus)

Hey there Chaos fanatics! I know its been a bit since my last posting. It has been busy both at work and at home, so I have had less time to game and model. That doesn't mean I haven't though... indeed, I have been snatching time here and there a bit. I told you in my last article that I was going to be working on something very big... so here it is!

I ordered the Castellan Knight after my in-laws got me a gift certificate to The Warstore (yes, they are very understanding in-laws). It arrived just as I was finishing up the Armigers. So once they were done I began building the Castellan. The model goes together quickly enough, and since I've put together Knights before it all seemed to make sense (the legs are the same, but the upper half is naturally, quite different).

I was very surprised at its size. I thought it would be larger than a regular Knight, and it is. But not by that much. I guess that makes sense- it is a Knight class titan. I just assumed it would be larger based on the pictures I had seen of it. But as they say- its not the size that counts...

Don't get me wrong. I love the model. I like the look of its main guns (particularly the plasma). I love all the other guns and missiles on the top of the Knight. It really does look like a war machine, spewing death in every direction. Indeed, it looks very killy and very 40K.

I painted it in my patented Adeptus Mechanicus scheme. The machine parts is Leadbelcher with liberal doses of Nuln Oil and Earthshade, followed up by some Necron Compound and Stormhost Silver. The armor plates are done generally with Stegadon Green, with other plates Thunderhawk Blue. I highlighted the lines of the plates with Russ Grey.

The only conversion work I did was a head swap with my previous Knight face mask / helm options. I wanted him to look just a little different from the Knight on the box, and this was an easy (and fairly obvious) way of doing that. Always save your bitz!!

The Knight Castellan's rules are quite imposing. The Plasma Decimator is a really good weapon firing 2D6 plasma shots (and Overcharge makes it deadlier still). The Volcano lance is a real vehicle / monstrous creature killer. The Twin Siegebraker cannons are a nice additional weapon (great for heavy infantry and light vehicles). Finally, the Shieldbreaker missile is awesome against big things with invulnerable saves (plus you can use a stratagem to target a character). I can't wait to try this out in battle.

While I was painting the Knight, the Urban Conquest box was released, and me being a sucker for a map based campaign, I immediately picked it up. If you haven't, you should consider it (if you and your friends want to run a campaign). It is a great set, and Joe and Brian and I have been playing on our map for a month or so, and we're all having a great time with it. The rules for the campaign are very straightforward, but the cards give a lot of variability.

Why am I bringing that up? Well, I got inspired by the Urban Conquest book to do more terrain- my dream is to make a Sector Mechanicus table with just Mechanicus structures- a real industrial zone. I bought the new Ad Mech building and I painted it- while painting the Knight. Yes, I was doing both at the same time, which is why the Knight took me so much longer. I was dividing up my painting time.

The building is quite large and line of sight blocking. I do like the new GW buildings in general (boy I'd like those other buildings too). So---- I will be building and painting more Sector Mechanicus terrain in the future. Indeed, I plan to do some Pipelines, Thermic Reactors, the crane set, and finally the big Tectonic Frag Drill that came out a little while ago. I figure the drill can be a centerpiece of my industrial zone.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back to show off the terrain as I finish it. Until Next Time...

Monday, January 21, 2019

A Pair Of Armiger Helverins

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos (tm) is back with another astounding article here on Chaos Corner.

First off I wanted to say that I'm really liking the new (again) format of the White Dwarf. I like that it had some short stories (about Vigilus) and a revised Index Astartes for Crimson Fists, plus a nifty battle report, all of which I enjoyed quite a bit. I hope that each issue builds upon the success of this issue. Even my son enjoyed it!

At any rate, my wife (and son LOL) got me a box of Armiger Helverins for Christmas. just as my brother got me a Bloat Drone. I assembled and painted the Drone first, as it is something that I am quite familiar with. I have also painted a lot of Nurgle the past year or so, thus I went with the Drone and decided to wait on the Armigers.

Gotta start 'em young...
With the Drone finished, I immediately dove into the Armigers. I really like the model (though I wish it had some weapon options to vary up their look). They went together fairly quickly, and are also quite sizable. Now, they aren't as big as a Knight or something, but they are pretty hefty in their own right.

I feel like it has been quite a while since I painted anything Mechanicus. If my own blog is accurate, the last time I did Ad Mech was August 2017!! Holy Cow- but that is a very long time. No wonder why I was rusty with the color scheme- I had to look up my notes on the scheme I did so that I could recall the colors used!

Despite my foggy memory, I ultimately painted them the same as my other Mechanicus and Imperial Knight stuff. The basic armor plates was Steggadon Green, with alternating plates painted up Thunderhawk Blue. Russ Grey was then the highlight for the edging and such. The trim was Balthazar Gold with Hapshut Copper layered over that. The mechanical parts were Leadbelcher with a heavy Nuln Oil wash. This was followed by a very little Stormhost Silver highlight.

In keeping with what I have done with the Knights, I added some decals to their shoulder plates. I didn't care for the Armiger decal set, so I mostly used decals from the Knight and Admech decal pages, plus a small scythe from Imperial Guard tanks (my last of the small decals unfortunately).

The decals really bring the models together. They also make the Armigers truly look like the small cousins of the larger Imperial Knights. I really like the look of them together. Now all I need si the close combat Armiger Warglaives to complete the set lol.

Rule-wise, I think the Helverins ain't bad. With 2 x 2D3 autocannon shots doing 3 damage each, these things are clearly good against heavy infantry (terminators) and some vehicles. As long as you roll well, these things could be quite formidable. I have heard that they are good, though some people swear by the close combat Warglaives (again, reason for me to get some of those).

Well, that's all for now. I wont be back right away, as I have something very big I'm working on, and I am sure that it is going to take me time to assemble and paint. Should I tell you? Maybe just a hint you say? Oh, alright. It is big, and it is Imperial Knight related. There? That enough? LOL

Until next time...

Sunday, January 6, 2019

A New Bloat Drone Makes Three

Hey there my fellow Chaos lunatics. Old Man Chaos is back with a rather brief update. I got a couple of goodies from Santa for Christmas. I won't spill the beans on what they all are yet (as I need much more time to build and paint them). So I will show a model that I completed- a new Bloat Drone.

I got my third Bloat Drone from my brother as a Christmas present. So thanks to Steve I now have a trifecta of drones. I imagine that three of these buggers using their plague spitters is pretty lethal to most armies (D6 per spitter- each with 2 spitters). If you're rolling hot you can deal out a lot of damage (as long as you are within 9").  Ohhh... that makes me want to try them on the battlefield ASAP LOL.

So painting-wise, I painted him just like my previous Bloat Drones- Death Guard Green with liberal washes of Earthshade. Yes, Earthshade makes everything better. In Nurgle's case it makes models look nice and dingy.

As for the rust, I followed what I did with Typhus - I did dark browns followed by a stippling of orange and leadbealcher. It looks close enough to the other drones but I prefer it- the browns add a depth to the rusty parts.

The smoke I did tan with yellow washes. It keeps it consistent with the other models for Death Guard that have smoke (or whatever disease or gas) coming from them.

The drone's flesh I did differently from my previous drones. I did Kislev Flesh with successive washes of crimson. It looks like inflamed, diseased, irritated skin. I used Blood for the Blood God technical around some of the sores and gashes in the flesh.

So, thats my new drone. I now have a complete set. I can't wait to see them liquify things on the battlefield. Until next time...

Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Typhus and a New Plagueburst Crawler

Hey there Chaos fanatics. I know I've been missing in action for a while, but little children don't raise themselves you know- plus I'm busy at work too! I have had a lot less time to get my modeling and painting in.

I got a new Warlord Titan LOL

I've just had my birthday recently, and got several gifts from friends and family. My wife got me a new Plagueburst Crawler. Originally I wasn't a fan of the design, but it has since grown on me. I also think the rules for it need a bit of improvement (either make it ballistic skill 3 OR make the mortar 2D6 take the highest. A randomized weapon with a BS of 4 really sucks for the Death Guard).

However, the Entropy Cannons are lethal (again, if you get a 4+ BS), and I've discovered if you put a generic Chaos Lord there to babysit them you can re-roll 1s (so just avoid those 2s and 3s). If you are rolling hot, the Crawler is a very interesting tank, especially as its Daemonic and has Disgustingly Resilient to boot. Perhaps the Predator is a better option, but I do like this tank

At any rate, I built the model pretty quickly and wanted to do something to make it stand apart from the previous one I did . So I went to my bitz box and grabbed some Nurglings from the new Great Unclean One . At the time I wanted the model itself to stand out and not be distracted from by the Nurglings. So I had saved them. Now was my chance to use them.

I put two Nurglings on the spiked railings at either side of the tank. One looks like he is just sitting back relaxing as the tank moves forward, which I thought was amusing. The other Nurgling has a mace, ready to swipe at any enemy that gets too close to the Crawler. The third Nurgling was the one being stepped on bu the GUO, so he was kinda flat. Thus, he was the perfect size to place into the mortar of the Crawler. It looks like he is about to be fired at some unsuspecting foe. Again, it is amusing and goes with Nurgle's sense of humor.

I also took my time with the tank rust effects. I used dark browns, moving up to stippling brighter (Mornfang) browns, followed by stipplings of Ryza Rust and Leadbealcher. Thus the rust looks slightly different (and in my opinion better) than my previous tank.

All in all, I think this tank is better than my first. I really feel the Nurglings give the tank a bit of a story or joke. The tank really looks good, and while it looks similar to my previous one its just different enough to be an improvement. Now I need just one more LOL...

My friend Pete got me Typhus for my birthday as well. I didn't get the new Typhus when he came out last year as I already had my old Typhus. However, the old Typhus is very small compared to all the new Death Guard models. The Lord of Contagion is like a monster in comparison. In the end, I decided I wanted the new Typhus and put him on my Amazon list. Pete obliged and made him my birthday present.

I painted him Death Guard Green, with a healthy wash of Earthsahde to tone him down, followed by highlights of Nurgling Green. The plague vents were done with The Fang and darkened with the Earthshade as well. The blade of his Manreaper was done with the same rust technique I talked about above. I really think the blade really looks rusty- yes, I am proud of how that turned out.

So with Typhus done, I finished two painting projects. I am happy with how both came out. As it turns out, I felt the urgency to do these as I am playing a huge game this upcoming Friday. I wanted these two finished for the big birthday game. Nothing like a little motivation to keep the painting juices flowing. Now hopefully I can paint other stuff after the game whilst also raising my Titan, er, son.

Until next time...