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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Hodgepodge of Adeptus Mechanics

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to yet another scintillating edition of Chaos Corner. Old Man Chaos is back with a bit more from the world of Warhammer 40K. First, I had a 2K point match at my local store this week. I played my Knorne Daemonkin, and my opponent was a general Space Marine army. The game was a good one, as we played with the Tactical Objectives (Spoils of War Mission). I ended up winning 10 to 6. It was a close game for a bit, but as it went on the brutal combination of 3 Maulerfiends, 20 Flesh Hounds, and 8 Chaos Bikes really put my opponent in a pickle. My bikes did get killed, but did a great job harassing. The hounds just couldn't be killed fast enough, and the Maulerfiends ran straight across the table and wrecked havoc on his rear lines. I also took allied CSM- Kharn, 1o cultists and a Heldrake. They all did very little- I started Kharn on the far edge in a Rhino- but I just coudln't get him into the battle fast enough. The Cultists were ignored, which helped me when I got the card for that objective they were sitting on. The Heldrake I equipped with the Autocannon, fearing flyers. But my opponent went man heavy- if I had taken the Baleflamer I could have toasted his whole army. Despite the win, I had 2 rather sad moments. I had tokens to call in a Bloodthirster- and I rolled 12!!! Yikes! And my Daemon Prince took 2 turns to kill a Rhino due to lame rolling. Even though the forces of Khorne won, I suspect he'd like to have a serious talk with this under-performing warband- Lol. Oh, and while I was at my local I saw they're doing a 40K Tournament in September- I know where I'll be going! 

I also managed to finish more Ad Mech stuff. I must confess I haven't gone about this methodically. I have a hodgepodge of models from both books (why is it two books again? Makes no damn sense). I couldn't field any type of real force yet (unless I did unbound and with an Imperial Knight). But, I have been going after models that I like (I'm not a fan of the Electro-Priest models, for example, and I don't know if I'll ever get a box).

For example, I love the Ironstriders- both the Dragoons and the Ballistarii. So I picked one up. I was really torn as to which version to build. I opted for the close combat oriented Dragoon with the Taser Lance. I had this vision of them standing near my Imperial Knight, ready to charge to protect him (or kill any leftovers that his cannons didn't finish off). The idea of them charging in like old knights on horseback intrigued me. Now, I know that only one doesn't look like a huge charge, but I'm sure I'll pick up some more in the next couple of months.

Again, I did him to look like my Imperial Knight. Just briefly, I painted the plates Stegadon Scale Green, with half the plates done in Thunderhawk Blue, followed by highlights of Russ Grey. The trim was done with Balthazar Gold, with Brozne over it. The machine parts I did in Leadblecher, with Nuln Oil wash, followed by highlights in lighter metals, followed by Earthshade in key spots, to look oily/dirty.

The second model I'm showing is the Dunecrawler. This model is amazing, though some of the tiny bits broke on me (one ladder rung, one thin antenna, and the first cannon I was building). It was a comedy of errors- I don't normally make that many mistakes, but I managed to figure it all out. I gave him the Neutron Blaster I believe (tried to build the other one, and the dish section snapped).

Despite the few breaks, the model went together quite quickly. I really like the look of it- part enclosed sentinel, part spider. Again, I painted it the same as described above. There are a lot of wires on this one- I did them in various colors, Khorne Red, Caldor Blue, Yellow/Black.

I know they can be in squads of three, so undoubtedly I may have to get one or two more. I could field them individually or in one unit that way, so I could be tactically flexible. I'll certainly build one to be anti-air, just in case, as Ad Mech have no other anti-flyer capability (and no flyers for that matter).

The final model for today is the Tech-Priest Dominus. I absolutely love the model. It is an absolutely perfect rendering of a higher up Tech Priest, with so many wires, mechatndrils, and servo skull. The model is just brimming with detail. It gave me the opportunity to have several different looking energy weapons (one I did with red as base up to orange highlight, while the other was a buildup of greens- which I decided to use for their eyes too).

The robes I kept slightly darker- I did all the same steps as before, though I used Nuln oil for the recesses and only did some touching up. Thus, the robe looks darker and deeper than the Datasmith's cloak.

 Of special note is the ridges of his metal back. I did the edge and his axe with the new gold paints-  Retributor Armor, followed by highlights of Liberator Gold. I must say the new golds are amazing, with Retributor being a very rich color that goes on very easily. I think that both golds will be useful for future projects too. At any rate, the Tech-Priest came out fantastically, and he looks just fine with the rest of my Ad Mech forces.

I have so far enjoyed working on my Ad Mech forces. They have been a lot of fun to put together and paint (despite my mistakes on the Dunecrawler). I still have to get a few more elements from both books if I am to field any kind of force at all, let alone a battle effective one. Plus, I want to make sure its playable with and without an Imperial Knight. I want to use him more (the whole reason I got Ad Mech to begin with), but I'm sure there will be some games where we don't want super-heavies, so I have to make sure they are viable on their own (I could always ally them with my Ultramarines or my brother's Imperial Guard if he lets me).

I am looking forward to future Ad Mech models. I think I may get a few troop options from both books- this will enable me to field them even if I don't have everything else.

Until next time...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh Dear... What has Old Man Chaos Done Now?

Well, Old Man Chaos is back and he's got a bit of a confession for you, dear readers. As you may be aware, I recently participated in a tournament at my local. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I did see a lot of people using various Lords of War- Eldar, Imperial, Necron... Sadly, Khorne's Lord of Skulls is just too darn expensive to use in a 2K point game.

As I watched people field their various super-heavies, I thought of my own Imperial Knight- Veritas of House Dilabor. I have, sadly, never actually used him in combat. I have loaned him to my friend Brian for a couple of games, and I have been on the receiving end of my Imperial Knight. It is a great model, and a tough foe to handle (not impossible, but very tough nevertheless). And yet I haven't used it.

Even before the tournament, my eyes have been drawn to the forces of the Mechanicus. Truthfully, there are a few models that I don't care for in the range, but there are some that I really love. Chief amongst these are the Kastellan Robots. I think they are fantastic- bulky robots with big guns and/or power fists. They just look massive and formidable. The fluff behind them is great too- relics from the dark age of technology, tightly controlled by the tech priests so they don't run amok.

Well, I think you can figure out the rest. After the tournament I decided to take the plunge. I bought a box of Kastellan Robots, as well as a Tech Priest Dominus. I will be picking up other things from both Skitarii and Mechanicum (I love the ironstriders, I must say). So, yes, my plan is to build a 2-2.5K point list, which includes my Knight.

So, what to paint them... While I know in my story Veritas is a Freeblade, I really wanted to tie these forces together. And after all my Khorne work, I simply could NOT do another red army. Plus, in my mind's eye I really want to see a unified Mechanicus army bearing down on their foes. So, I decided to paint them with the same colors (mostly) as my Knight.

For their armor, I used  Stegadon Scale Green for the majority of the plates. I then used Thunderhawk Blue for some contrasting plates. I did an edge trim/highlight in Russ Grey. That part took the longest, but it came out really well and made the models pop.

For the mechanical parts, I did Leadbelcher with a Nuln Oil wash. Then I drybrushed Ironbreaker over chunks of it. For the symbols and the like I did Balthazar Gold with a coat of Hapshut Copper over that.

For the helms, I decided that I truly despised the silver/metal look, so I decided to try something else. I painted the visor black. Then, with Warpstone Green, I painted a cross hair and smaller, lighter horizontal lines. Then I added some Moot Green to brighten the lines. Then, I did a coat of gloss varnish. The effect worked in my opinion. The "visor" is a video screen- target reticule indicates that it is in "combat" mode. I think that the visor completes the entire look of the Kastellan Robots. They look as bad ass as I had imagined them when I first saw them.

To complete the look, I drybrushed Dryad Bark onto various parts, then some light lines of silver. Finally, I added a few patches of Typhus Corrosion. Thus, the Kastellans look worn and used. However, I didn't want to over do it. I imagine that the Mechanicum would upkeep these relics with particular fervor. Indeed, the stripped paint job GW shows are a bit too messy for my taste. So I made them worn without going overboard.

The Cybernetica Datasmith is also a cool model in his own right. I painted his robe Stegadon, then washed it with Nuln Oil for the folds/recesses. I then touched up with Stegadon, and then highlighted with Thunderhawk Blue, with a lighter highlight of Russ Grey. So it matches the armor of the machines, but still looks cloth-like. The machine parts I did, obviously, with various metals. I also did a few wires yellow/black chevron style. The flesh I did Rakarth with a cammoshade wash (thinking ahead, I'll use the technique on the Kataphrons later on too- so they'll all look consistently sickly).

So- what can I say? I am weak. GW is my crack supplier. The truth is I enjoy painting and building, and doing the Mechanicus will be a new challenge for me- no Chaos elements at all! I am looking forward to building up this army. I'll show you more when I get more. Please don't judge me too harshly. I will still slay for the glory of Chaos. But now I can do something different if I want to. So There.

01010101 01101110 01110100 01101001 01101100 00100000 01001110 01100101 01111000 01110100 00100000 01010100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100001

(Translates as "Until Next Time!")

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Completed: A New Maulerfiend and a Tournament

Hello there once again, fellow Chaos lunatics! Welcome back to another "exciting" edition of Chaos Corner. I played a 3 round tournament at my local this past weekend. I took a mild Khorne Daemonkin list (standard force organization only, no formations, Lords of War, etc.). The organizer said "don't be a dick" with the list. Sadly, I went WAAAAYYY to conservative, as everyone had formations, allies, and Imperial Knights and Wraithknights (Chaos really needs an answer to these- the Lord of Skulls is too costly when compared to the various Knights and Riptides and the like).

At any rate, my first opponent was a tank and flyer heavy Imperial Guard. Unfortunately for my opponent, he underestimated the Maulerfiends, and they just cleaved through his tanks like a knife through butter. My Daemon Prince did likewise. He had very little left until his flyers came in. I only lost one unit up to that point, and I destroyed enough tanks that I was able to summon the Bloodthirster and after his first turn materializing he want after the flyers, taking one out very quickly. The ref called time, and I had won big time. Everything (Fleshounds, Maulers, Heldrake) worked with perfect synergy. And the free Bloodthirster was the icing on the cake.

My second game was the exact opposite of my first. My opponent was playing Eldar, with bikes, warp spiders, Wave Serpents and a Wraithknight. Yikes. Those damn D shots really brutalized my army. Further, it was short edge deployment, so I had to move all the way, while he shot and then withdrew out of my range. I was frustrated but fought till the last. I really think D weapons are too much for a 2K point game- I need to have a strategy to fight Wraithknights, for next time. I really felt that this match was so lopsided- there was no way I could get to him, let alone beat him...

My third game was the best overall, even though I lost in the end. My opponent had Space Marines with 20 Terminators, Devastators (w/ Grav), Drop pods, Tac squads, etc. Even though I didn't win, it was a very closely fought game, and I made my opponent pay for his victory. My Flesh Hounds were particularly good, taking out a Terminator squad and then another- taking 15 Flesh Hounds in a squad is a great idea- a hard hitting unit with lots of wounds! And the 5 Inv helps against power fists too. My Lord on Juggernaut (with fellow Bloodcrushers) did well too, racing down the field to the opponents end, killing a bunch of Space Marines along the way. It was a hot, back and forth game, though victory ultimately belonged to the followers of the False Emperor. Making the game better still, my opponent was a very good sport- friendly and fair. Best of all, he played in the old style- no LOWs or absurd allies. It was a really fun game, and I certainly didn't mind losing.

I haven't done a Tournament in quite some time. This was a lot of fun. Met some nice people, got to see some nice models, had pizza. It was just a fun day, win, lose, or draw.

At any rate, I managed to finish (just in time for the Tournament) my 4th Maulerfiend, inspired by the very concept of "Daemonkin". I was at my local one day when I saw a "used" Maulerfiend for 25 bucks. He was put together and sprayed black. He looked like your standard Maulerfiend, though some of his spikes appeared to be broken and re-glued. But, with some work- you'd never notice.

I did want to make him my own though. At Christmas, my brother got me a Skull Cannon. You'll notice that I haven't posted it. That's because it is a hideous model- I think it may be one of the worst that GW has ever put out. Ugh. However, the Bloodletter rider for the chariot looks just fine. So I assembled him and put him on top of the Maulerfiend. I wanted him to look like he's riding a HUGE Juggernaut.

 Since the Khorne Daemonkin book, I figured why the heck not- put a Daemon on a walker. The model was painted with my usual Khorne Red with Wazdakka Red highlights, with Brazen Brass and Runelord Brass for the metal trim.

Ultimately, he fits right in with my other Maulerfiends. I think I'll stop at 4, though with the Blood Host detachment, I *could* have 8... Nah. I think 4 is enough. Unless I get another idea for a conversion that it is....

I hope you've liked the pics. Until next time!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Khorne Lord On Juggernaut and Friends

Hey there Chaos lunatics! I hope the Eye of Terror finds you well and chaotic today! How about that Age of Sigmar? Lol. Actually, I don't know if its a "so crazy its brilliant move" or not (it MUST be only an intro game- it can't just be 4 pages of rules, can it?). For us Chaos players, the Khorne half of the set is a veritable goldmine! The Khorne Lord with a Flesh Hound is just fantastic, as is the "beast master" with whip guy. The Knights and Marauders are also incredible. Terminators and Cultists anyone? Yeah---- I may be buying it just for them. Not exactly saving money the Chaos way, but...

Well, I also have some newly painted models to show off. 3 plastic Bloodcrushers and a metal Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. So- away we go...

I have  6 of the old metal Bloodcrsuhers. I like the units, as they are more durable than a lot of other Daemon units. However, thanks to the new Daemonkin codex. Their formation (with Terminators) is pretty good- +1 A if outnumbered. If I take the squad minimum, its a virtual guarantee that they will be outnumbered. And if they die- well, that's another blood tithe token, so its win-win.

So, as a result of thinking about this formation, I decided to buy the plastic Bloodcrusher set. I like the kit a great deal- the plastic goes together so much better than the metal, and they look almost exactly the same as the metal ones, so they go together very well indeed.

I painted the Juggernauts with Khorne Red and I dulled it down with Nuln Oil. The underbelly I did Balthazar Gold and again, washed it with Nuln Oil. The trim was built up with Balthazar and Brass Scorpion.

The Bloodletter riders I started with Khorne Red and then washed with Nuln Oil. I then did successive drybrushes of Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet, with an edge highlight of Wild Rider Red. The horns are black with 'ardcoat to make them shinny.

I have had the old metal Khorne Lord for a long time. The original plan was to make him Black Legion with the Mark of Khorne. But, I never got to it, and so it sat in the box. Now with the Daemonkin, the Juggernaut can join the Bloodcrusher units, so that makes for a strong punch that I can't ignore. So I dug him up and began to work on him.

The Khorne Lord is similar to my Bezerkers. Khorne Red, Nuln Oil wash, followed by highlights of Khorne Red and Wazdakka Red. His helm I decided to do differently. Ironically I had used the metal head on another model, so I had to use a plastic one, so I wanted to do something to make it special. Since Daemonkin Chaos Marines want to emulate the Daemons, I decided to make that a visual on the model. The skull helm was done brighter red, like the Bloodletters. The "bunny ears" on the helm I decided to do black, like my Bloodletter horns. So, my lord is trying to evoke the daemon look.

The Lord's Juggernaut I KNEW I had to do differently. After seeing (and being inspired by) a model shown in Warhammer Visions (I like the bigger format lots better, but the mag still needs work), I decided to paint the Juggernaut black with a very light drybrush of Dark Reaper grey. I did the trim Leadbelcher, and the holes were done to look like there was fire/magma within. I felt that it set him apart from the others, and I could make a good reason for it. All the Juggernauts come from Khorne's forges, but they are daemonic, ridden by Bloodletters. I could imagine a Warpsmith manufacturing a Juggernaut for his Lord. Thus, it looks like metal and engine fire, rather than the daemonic red.

I really am happy with how the Khorne Lord and Juggernaut came out. He certainly stands apart as he should, but he is also very tied into the rest of my army. I am looking forward to fielding him and my new Bloodcrushers very soon. Blood for the blood god indeed!

So, that's all for now. I'm hoping to finish another unit this week if I can. I will be sure to show it here as soon as its done. I'm also planning on having a game this week, and I'll be participating in a tournament at the end of the month. I'll be sure to report those too.

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maximizing Tour Gaming Dollar The Chaos Way: Flesh Hounds of Khorne

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos is back in action. Sorry I've been spotty lately- work and life has gotten in the way, preventing me from hobbying, let alone posting. However, work craziness has passed and I'm hoping to post once a week or so once again.

I did manage to get in a few games with the new Codex: Khorne Daemonkin before work went crazy. I really like the book, though after the recent releases of Eldar and Space Marines, I feel somewhat cheated and diminished. Yikes- Space Marines are crazy now. I'm quite disconcerted after reading that behemoth of a book.

However, I will continue to develop my Khornate army, as I love the concept and it is only building upon my World Eaters. I have enjoyed every game I've played with this codex though, win lose or draw. Its a fun book with some great fluffy rules but is in now way overbearing. One of the things that I have noticed in all my games so far is the ubiquity of the Flesh Hounds of Khorne. I have six of the metal ones (the reptilian looking ones). I like those models, but I never found them too useful. However, in my recent games, I have summoned them with the Blood Tithe and they have been pivotal each time. One game in particular stands out- the Grey Knight unit was walking away with the Relic. My hounds were summoned (as if by Khorne himself, set loose upon his cowardly foes), chasing down the unit and wreaking havoc, killing the unit and claiming the relic, giving me the game.

Now, this got me thinking- could they be useful in other ways? They are fast, have multiple wounds, and are fairly cheap. And, IF you use their formation (the Gorepack), they get Hammer of Wrath to boot. The more I looked at them, the more I said "What was I thinking? Not using them- I'm an idiot.  I need more of them- pronto!"

Funny enough, all my local stores were out of them (other Khorne Daemonkin players must have had the same ephipany as I did about the Flesh Hounds). So, I went on GWs web site, and I was about to order when I saw the price--- $49.50. For 5 of them. That's 10 bucks a model. What the F--- GW?!

Ahem. Well, as you know, Old Man Chaos is not one to take things lying down. I bent all of my evil, Chaotic intellect to solving the problem, refusing to rest or take any nourishment until I found a cost effective way of collecting skulls for Khorne! Hey- Khorne gets mad at GW prices just like any of us... he understands my feelings.

So, what foul solution did I come up with? It was so easy- I decided to use Fantasy Chaos Warhounds. Now, they may not be quite as fancy as the Flesh Hounds, but they get the job done. They are hounds, and with the proper paint job, they fit in perfectly with my Khorne forces. Heck, they even look like the Flesh Hounds from several editions ago.... so why the heck not.

It's a deal that even Khorne would approve of *. The Warhounds box gives you 10 of them for.... 24.75. Yes, you read that right- 10 hounds for 24.75. Now, you don't have to be a math genius to figure it out. 5 Finecast Flesh Hounds ($49.50) vs. 10 Warhounds ($24.75). Which is the better deal... Hmmmm...

That means you COULD get 20 hounds for the price of 5 Flesh Hounds.... Which is exactly what I did. For 49.50 I got 20 Warhounds- which have now been painted to be Flesh Hounds (I finished these 10, and am working on the next 10). Now, that is a damn fine amount of savings right there. Thus, you are clearly maximizing your gaming dollar.

 And there aren't too many opponents who would deny your using them (if they do, they are assholes. There. I said it). Chaotic hounds are chaotic hounds. Period. As for me and Khorne, we are  happy, for soon 20 "Flesh Hounds" will be roaming the battlefields, stalking their prey and running them to ground, thus ensuring that the blood flows. And what a bargain! Lol.

 I hope this article will inspire you as you build your Daemonkin. I now have to work on a few more Chaos Bikers so that I can comfortably run the Gorepack. Now the question is- will it be 2 groups of 10 each or 4 groups of 5... Either way, blood tithes will be earned! Until next time...

* Could you imagine the Chaos gods haggling over GW prices? Khorne would be enraged, cutting off the heads of GW stockholders right and left.  Nurgle would be saying 'This hobby is so expensive... I'm going to leave... Awww. Who am I kidding... I can't leave my lovelies". Slaanesh would just snort his plastic crack and not feel guilty. Tzeentch - I think he would seek out the Chinese knock-offs that I've seen out there- he would pass them off as examples of his magic... "I got this dreadnought for $3.50... How? Only the changer of the ways knows that..."