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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Completed: A New Maulerfiend and a Tournament

Hello there once again, fellow Chaos lunatics! Welcome back to another "exciting" edition of Chaos Corner. I played a 3 round tournament at my local this past weekend. I took a mild Khorne Daemonkin list (standard force organization only, no formations, Lords of War, etc.). The organizer said "don't be a dick" with the list. Sadly, I went WAAAAYYY to conservative, as everyone had formations, allies, and Imperial Knights and Wraithknights (Chaos really needs an answer to these- the Lord of Skulls is too costly when compared to the various Knights and Riptides and the like).

At any rate, my first opponent was a tank and flyer heavy Imperial Guard. Unfortunately for my opponent, he underestimated the Maulerfiends, and they just cleaved through his tanks like a knife through butter. My Daemon Prince did likewise. He had very little left until his flyers came in. I only lost one unit up to that point, and I destroyed enough tanks that I was able to summon the Bloodthirster and after his first turn materializing he want after the flyers, taking one out very quickly. The ref called time, and I had won big time. Everything (Fleshounds, Maulers, Heldrake) worked with perfect synergy. And the free Bloodthirster was the icing on the cake.

My second game was the exact opposite of my first. My opponent was playing Eldar, with bikes, warp spiders, Wave Serpents and a Wraithknight. Yikes. Those damn D shots really brutalized my army. Further, it was short edge deployment, so I had to move all the way, while he shot and then withdrew out of my range. I was frustrated but fought till the last. I really think D weapons are too much for a 2K point game- I need to have a strategy to fight Wraithknights, for next time. I really felt that this match was so lopsided- there was no way I could get to him, let alone beat him...

My third game was the best overall, even though I lost in the end. My opponent had Space Marines with 20 Terminators, Devastators (w/ Grav), Drop pods, Tac squads, etc. Even though I didn't win, it was a very closely fought game, and I made my opponent pay for his victory. My Flesh Hounds were particularly good, taking out a Terminator squad and then another- taking 15 Flesh Hounds in a squad is a great idea- a hard hitting unit with lots of wounds! And the 5 Inv helps against power fists too. My Lord on Juggernaut (with fellow Bloodcrushers) did well too, racing down the field to the opponents end, killing a bunch of Space Marines along the way. It was a hot, back and forth game, though victory ultimately belonged to the followers of the False Emperor. Making the game better still, my opponent was a very good sport- friendly and fair. Best of all, he played in the old style- no LOWs or absurd allies. It was a really fun game, and I certainly didn't mind losing.

I haven't done a Tournament in quite some time. This was a lot of fun. Met some nice people, got to see some nice models, had pizza. It was just a fun day, win, lose, or draw.

At any rate, I managed to finish (just in time for the Tournament) my 4th Maulerfiend, inspired by the very concept of "Daemonkin". I was at my local one day when I saw a "used" Maulerfiend for 25 bucks. He was put together and sprayed black. He looked like your standard Maulerfiend, though some of his spikes appeared to be broken and re-glued. But, with some work- you'd never notice.

I did want to make him my own though. At Christmas, my brother got me a Skull Cannon. You'll notice that I haven't posted it. That's because it is a hideous model- I think it may be one of the worst that GW has ever put out. Ugh. However, the Bloodletter rider for the chariot looks just fine. So I assembled him and put him on top of the Maulerfiend. I wanted him to look like he's riding a HUGE Juggernaut.

 Since the Khorne Daemonkin book, I figured why the heck not- put a Daemon on a walker. The model was painted with my usual Khorne Red with Wazdakka Red highlights, with Brazen Brass and Runelord Brass for the metal trim.

Ultimately, he fits right in with my other Maulerfiends. I think I'll stop at 4, though with the Blood Host detachment, I *could* have 8... Nah. I think 4 is enough. Unless I get another idea for a conversion that it is....

I hope you've liked the pics. Until next time!


    Forgeworld has your answer, in the shape of a rather expensive conversion pack. The rules are a free PDF (link in the passage at the bottom). I myself plan to convert one of these from the standard Knight kit, and I'm sure you've seen plenty of such conversions around the web.

    Thankyou for the inspiration once again.

  2. I speak from experience when I say this babies take a lot of effort to paint. Nicely done and I love the touches you made to make it chaos-like.