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Monday, July 6, 2015

Khorne Lord On Juggernaut and Friends

Hey there Chaos lunatics! I hope the Eye of Terror finds you well and chaotic today! How about that Age of Sigmar? Lol. Actually, I don't know if its a "so crazy its brilliant move" or not (it MUST be only an intro game- it can't just be 4 pages of rules, can it?). For us Chaos players, the Khorne half of the set is a veritable goldmine! The Khorne Lord with a Flesh Hound is just fantastic, as is the "beast master" with whip guy. The Knights and Marauders are also incredible. Terminators and Cultists anyone? Yeah---- I may be buying it just for them. Not exactly saving money the Chaos way, but...

Well, I also have some newly painted models to show off. 3 plastic Bloodcrushers and a metal Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. So- away we go...

I have  6 of the old metal Bloodcrsuhers. I like the units, as they are more durable than a lot of other Daemon units. However, thanks to the new Daemonkin codex. Their formation (with Terminators) is pretty good- +1 A if outnumbered. If I take the squad minimum, its a virtual guarantee that they will be outnumbered. And if they die- well, that's another blood tithe token, so its win-win.

So, as a result of thinking about this formation, I decided to buy the plastic Bloodcrusher set. I like the kit a great deal- the plastic goes together so much better than the metal, and they look almost exactly the same as the metal ones, so they go together very well indeed.

I painted the Juggernauts with Khorne Red and I dulled it down with Nuln Oil. The underbelly I did Balthazar Gold and again, washed it with Nuln Oil. The trim was built up with Balthazar and Brass Scorpion.

The Bloodletter riders I started with Khorne Red and then washed with Nuln Oil. I then did successive drybrushes of Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet, with an edge highlight of Wild Rider Red. The horns are black with 'ardcoat to make them shinny.

I have had the old metal Khorne Lord for a long time. The original plan was to make him Black Legion with the Mark of Khorne. But, I never got to it, and so it sat in the box. Now with the Daemonkin, the Juggernaut can join the Bloodcrusher units, so that makes for a strong punch that I can't ignore. So I dug him up and began to work on him.

The Khorne Lord is similar to my Bezerkers. Khorne Red, Nuln Oil wash, followed by highlights of Khorne Red and Wazdakka Red. His helm I decided to do differently. Ironically I had used the metal head on another model, so I had to use a plastic one, so I wanted to do something to make it special. Since Daemonkin Chaos Marines want to emulate the Daemons, I decided to make that a visual on the model. The skull helm was done brighter red, like the Bloodletters. The "bunny ears" on the helm I decided to do black, like my Bloodletter horns. So, my lord is trying to evoke the daemon look.

The Lord's Juggernaut I KNEW I had to do differently. After seeing (and being inspired by) a model shown in Warhammer Visions (I like the bigger format lots better, but the mag still needs work), I decided to paint the Juggernaut black with a very light drybrush of Dark Reaper grey. I did the trim Leadbelcher, and the holes were done to look like there was fire/magma within. I felt that it set him apart from the others, and I could make a good reason for it. All the Juggernauts come from Khorne's forges, but they are daemonic, ridden by Bloodletters. I could imagine a Warpsmith manufacturing a Juggernaut for his Lord. Thus, it looks like metal and engine fire, rather than the daemonic red.

I really am happy with how the Khorne Lord and Juggernaut came out. He certainly stands apart as he should, but he is also very tied into the rest of my army. I am looking forward to fielding him and my new Bloodcrushers very soon. Blood for the blood god indeed!

So, that's all for now. I'm hoping to finish another unit this week if I can. I will be sure to show it here as soon as its done. I'm also planning on having a game this week, and I'll be participating in a tournament at the end of the month. I'll be sure to report those too.

Until Next Time...

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  1. It's miniatures like these that made me want to start a Chaos Daemon army once ... my wallet had other ideas though. Nice work on the miniatures too Prof. :)