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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dark Eldar vs Imperial Guard

It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

Hey there my Chaos friends! Old Professor Chaos here with a brief battle report for you- this time it's Dark Eldar against the Imperial Guard. The game was for just shy of 2,000 points. The mission was Capture and Control, using the Dawn of War deployment (which, for some strange reason, I have not played that much).  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the game only lasted until the end of turn 3. But, it was a crazy fun game, with a bit of back and forth. Here's the highlights:

The Wyches again, outdid themselves. I had a squad of 10 with an Archon attached (he bought combat drugs- which turned out to be the very helpful Painbringer drug). The Wyches ran across the table, killing 2 squads of guardsmen and laying claim to the objective in record time. Wyches cannot be underestimated in close combat. The trick is to get them there.

Unfortunately, Tanks/Armor remain the bane of my existence. As my Wyches claimed the objective, the Guard's Hellhound fired it's flamers into the objective ruins- immolating 8 of my Wyches. Luckily, they held, then attacked the tank using Haywires- scoring a 6 on the vital rolls, destroying it. However, that's as far as my luck with destroying his armor went. Aside from a Ravager EVENTUALLY blowing up a Basilisk, I hit, but could not penetrate the vehicles. I massacred most of his guardsmen, but could not finish off his armor. Damnation! The only good thing here was that my opponent was rolling equally poorly, unable to really hurt me either!

My Kabalite Warriors had solid fire discipline though. They shot and killed quite a few guardsmen. The Kabalite Warrior is indeed dependable. I can't say the same for the Scourges. I had them as a mix of anti-infantry and anti-tank, and they didn't do much except get shot at a ton. I suspect I'm not using them right- perhaps I need to have them all one OR the other.

By the time we had to call the game, my opponent had no one on his objective, but 1 Wych and 1 Archon were sitting on it. Meanwhile, Kabalite Warriors were on top of my objective, with no Guardsmen in the vicinity. Therefore, the Dark Eldar won this one. But who knows- if we had gone on the full length of the game, his tanks might have prevailed, so I'll call this a narrow win.

Until next time, friends!

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