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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A "Master's Army", huh?

Well, it certainly was a shock to me that my DE were in fact a "master's army"- one for experts in 40K. And here I was, brand new... Ugh! But, I soldiered on, trying me best to figure out the army. Of course, there were many mishaps along the way:

Raiders that could be knocked down by sharpened sticks: that's what my friend Pete said- just about any weapon could knock them down. And they did. Often. Yikes. I had several Raiders when my army was at maximum, and the battlefield was always littered with them by turn 3, whether I was winning or not.

You call this Fleet? In 3rd Edition, a model with fleet could run instead of shoot. Most troops did not have this option, so I thought this would help. Of course, without fail I would role a 1 or 2 for nearly every fleet role. We called them the lawn chair DE, since they seemed more interested in relaxing than fighting.

Gulp. One time, I played against Pete's Nids, and his Red Terror swallowed my Archon. I had a shadowfield and all that. But... gulp. I was dismayed, to say the least. "Do I get a save"? "Nope".

It wasn't always bad times though. Ask my friend Joe about the Crucible of Malediction. I wrecked his Eldar HQs with that. In fact, I won some battles hands down in a glorious way (though I lost much more often than I won). And my Incubi always did well. In fact, I ended up buying the ones with the long-coats from the Vect kit because I liked their look better.

At any rate, I began thinking about another army. It wasn't simply that I was tired of losing- that wasn't the case. But I was looking more into the hobby and the "fluff"... and slowly, insidiously, quietly... Chaos beckoned to me... hahahaha! That is a story for next time.

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