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Monday, April 4, 2011

About me (Part II)

Well, a bit more about what this blog is about. Since my wife suggested it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to try. It seemed obvious that I should make a blog about my hobbies and interests, and avoid anything work-related or just contentious subjects.

I just updated my profile a bit, so you can see more about me, and some of the things this blog will focus on. I would like to delve a bit into my Warhammer 40K hobby, just to start with, so here we go:

I was first introduced to the hobby in 1997 by my college buddy, Pete. I remember distinctly that he had their miniatures catalogues. They were like magazines at the time (forget the giant minis book of late, and certainly no major internet presence). He had one for 40K and one for fantasy, I do believe. At any rate, he showed me the minis, and told me that he played 40K. His army was Tyranids. I was fascinated by the whole thing; it appealed to my interest in wars and history, that's for sure.

At first, I just dabbled, buying minis that I liked rather than acquiring a whole army. I bought some Nids, some Imperial Guard (Ah... Mordians). I was frustrated because my painting abilities weren't that good, but I really learned the hard way how to paint.

Once the craziness of college subsided, my friend Pete suggested that I get a single army and pursue it. It was 2000 (oh no! Y2K hehe!), and I went to a Wizards of the Coast store (my God! How long it's been since they were around) and decided to buy Dark Eldar! I loved the Raiders, Reaver Jetbikes and the Warriors (Wych models not so much). I had a color scheme planned, and I bought enough to run a small force. I was quite excited that day, not only did I get my first 40K army, I also saw the first X-Men movie that day (at the time it was excellent, though it has been muddied by the lackluster X3 and Wolverine Origins, and, quite frankly, time. Hmm... another blog topic?).

More on my "interesting" experience with the 3rd edition Dark Eldar army later! (Hint: "What do you mean it's a connoisseur's army"?!)


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