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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A couple of Rhinos and Epidemus

Hey there Chaos fanatics. Old Man Chaos here with another edition of Chaos Corner. I've been working on a ton of stuff- indeed, I have been suffering from painter's ADHD, working on a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I've got some good stuff coming down the pike, if I can just focus on one thing... geez.

I have been interested to see the Imperial Guard stuff coming from GW (excuse me, Astra Millitarum). I dislike the tracks of the Taurox, but the rest of the vehicle is just fine. I don't know how I'd fix those wheels though... The Tempestus (storm troopers) are really fine models though, with plenty of detail and accessories. I'm diggin the Hydra/Wyvern, I have to say. I will be buying the Guard codex this weekend, so I'll let you know what I think after I read through it all. As for the Tempestus "supplement"- I won't get it, but I like the idea of an all storm trooper force and the fluff behind it. But I do like the Guard, and I can't wait to get my grubby hands on that book.

Good shot of my 4th Rhino
On another front, I have played 2 games with my friend Brian, who is new to the game. He won the first go, but I won the second go. Now, he wants revenge this week. I'll be sure to take pictures and make a formal battle report. I wonder if he will buy an army? I certainly don't mind him borrowing mine if he decides not to. Time will tell. I also plan on going to my local store next week, getting back into the gaming scene there after this rather nasty (and busy) winter.

Does that really look over the top? Ha ha.

At any rate, I have some pics here of a Plague Marine Rhino and the daemon Epidemus. I have shown the Rhino before, but these pics are better due to the new studio that I'm using (have I mentioned that I love the set up?).

I like the Nurgling playing in the guts.
Now, the Rhino is a fine vehicle, but I'm always trying to make them look different for the Plague Marines. I worked on this puppy last summer before my big Apocalypse game. I used lots of putty for this one. I decided to go completely over the to with guts. I've got guts on the top, and in the rear. I know it was a bit much, but if you can't go over the top with Chaos, who can you go over the top with?

Forge World doors on my 4th Rhino

This is my favorite Rhino. 2 of my oldest Rhinos that I did I did WAAAAAAYY back when I was first building my Plague Marine army look  quite primitive compared to what I would eventually do with my army. The third Rhino I did is more in line with the rest of my army.

3rd Rhino Pic 1 (inspired by an old conversion in 3rd edition's codex)
3rd Rhino Pic 2 (the forerunner of my 4th Rhino)
3rd Rhino Pic 3- fungal growths and slime

My new 4th Rhino is slightly different, but it is so over the top that I just love it. It certainly gets a lot of looks when I take it gaming. When players tell me "Ewww. That's gross", I just smile. Papa Nurgle would be proud.

Awwww. He's drooling. Isn't that cute?
The other guy I want to show I probably haven't shown specifically, though you may have seen him in some battle report pics. The Tallyman himself, Epidemus.

I have an old model (which my friend bought for me from a Battlewagon, believe it or not), which was a Plague Lord on a Palanquin. I love that model, and still use it sometimes. I really loved the model. The only thing I disliked was the nurglings holding him up- not them, but the way I painted them. I tried to do them different colors, and they ended up a bit too technicolor for my tastes.

But, when Epidemus was released, my Nurgle painting style was perfected, and he ended up looking like the metal Plaguebarers that I did at that time. I sickly pale color, with just some green in there. I was always happy with how I did the maggots/vomit on his stomach. The yellow ink really sets that off on the model.

Better was the nurglings carrying him, which I did various shades of green. Thus, I avoided the random colors, but made them just different enough so that they are distinct. I really like how the nurglings are all over the place on this model, struggling to keep the throne upright under Epidemus' bulk. 

"Tally Your Blessings"
I have had mixed results with Epidemus on the field, and he always got killed before his Tallyman effect could really get going. That and I lost track of how many my Nurgle units killed (my fault). I will use him again at some point, and I will absolutely try to do better with him in the future. I have never done an all Nurgle daemon army though- perhaps it is time for me to do just that... hmmm. We shall see.

At any rate, that's it for me. Oh, before I go- I saw Captain American 2. It was awesome, and I should try to write up a review on it soon. I really want to see it again before I do, as it has a lot going on (all of it cool).

Until next time...

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