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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lord of the Flies, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Hey there Chaos cultists, young and old. I'm back once again, as promised, with a weekly post. I don't know if GW can keep up a weekly publishing schedule, but I'm not sure if I can! Hehe! Oh these tight deadlines! My editor is killing me. I kid! I kid!But seriously, I'm going to do my best to update once a week now. So far, so good...

At any rate, I'm here with one of my all time best models- my Daemon Prince of Nurgle, the Lord of the Flies himself. It is a model that has a bit of a nice history for me, and it is indeed one of my favorites of all time. So, without further ado...

So, when the metal Chaos Daemon Prince came out many moons ago, I know that I and a lot of other Chaos Space Marine fans loved the model. Half Space Marine, half Daemon Prince- it was (and is still) an amazing model. It has a real heft to it. At the time, it was huge for a single man model (that has certainly changed now, with all kinds of huge models).

However, the model had a problem for me. It simply wasn't Nurgle-y enough. It was a generic, fit for any Chaos force Daemon Prince. But there was nothing at all "Nurgle" about it. What would I do about that? You know what I'm talking about... old school Chaos conversion, of course.

By this point in my modelling career, I was getting better and better at my putty work, and my eye for conversion was getting stronger. Now, a conversion for me is pretty straight-forward (just wait till you see a conversion I'm working on right now- oh boy!), but it my earlier days it was tricky. However, after converting and puttying a batch of Death Guard Plaguemarines, I felt that I was ready for a big conversion.

However, before I got to it, I had a bolt of inspiration and some good luck. While I was at my local store, I happened on a model (from Legends I think?) that was a giant bug, complete with wings. All of a sudden, I knew exactly what I was going to do... So I bought the model instantly, and went home with all haste to work on my Daemon Prince.

As you can see, I went all out, but NEVER over the top. I used the bug's head and wings very simply- but this absolutely made him look like a fly- a dirty insect worthy of Papa Nurgle himself. I painted the head and wings a bit differently. I painted them with boltgun metal, then I used various inks to give the fly and his wings a shinny, iridescent look.

Then, came the putty work. I decided to totally obscure the front, building layer upon layer of putty to make his armor bloated and malformed. I put a bunch of holes and sores. But the big thing was the guts that I had spilling out of his stomach and onto the ground. For sure, this was a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

I painted him like I painted my Death Guard in those days, with green undercoat, and successive layers of Cammo Green and Rotting Flesh. I did use some washes to dull him down just a bit though. His armor ridges I did brown (again, as I had done the Plaguemarines in those days). The sword was the same rust that I used on Typhus- brown, orange, and boltgun metal stippling. The guts I did in various reds, with some light pink highlights.

 All said and done, it was one of my favorite models that I have done. I was proud of my conversion work, and my painting really suited the model. What I did not know is what would happen with this guy. Wherever I went, people were fascinated by my Daemon Prince. Other players asked "Can I pick him up and look at him" or "Wow. Where did you get that fly head"? Other players said that this model inspired them to do more modelling/painting of their own. Hearing such praise was very flattering and humbling.

That wasn't all. One day, I was playing at a 40K tournament at I-Con. There were several prizes being offered- winner, best list, best player, and best looking army. At the end of the tournament I placed pretty well, but when they announced that I won best looking army- I was thrilled! I couldn't believe it! Again, very humbling. And what was the prize? A 50 dollar gift card to a local store. You know what I did with that card? Hehe- I bought the Daemon army box which had just come out, of course!

Well, that's it for this edition of Chaos Corner. I hope you liked the pics. I will be getting Warhammer Visions, and I will be buying this week's 1st weekly White Dwarf to see what that's like. I will report on my thoughts on both sometime early next week and let you know my 2 cents.

Until next time!!

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