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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Pics: Blight Drones and a Great Unclean One

Hey there everybody! I've got another edition of Chaos Corner here for your perusal. I may have to up my game here, if GW is going to publish a WD every week... Hehe. I really have no clue if those rumors are true or not (can GW actually publish once a week? Even if its only 32 pages? Online downloads, sure. Printed? IDK about that). If the rumors are true, the monthly mag will have more modelling stuff, so that pleases me.

At any rate, I have been taking some pics of some of my older models with my new pic-taking setup (a Christmas gift from my brother). He got it from Cowboy Studio. It is really cool, as I have never had anything like this. It is a very simple box with backcloths and small lights, but it is just so easy to use and looks so cool- it is perfect for taking pictures of miniatures. It makes my work in taking pics so much easier, and the pics look so much cooler. I love it. If you are interested in taking pics of your models, check out Cowboy Studio. You may or may not like it, I'm just saying you should check it if you want to take "more professional" pics.

So, I decided to take some pics of my "older" Nurgle models. First up, lets see the Blight Drones. I really dig these models. Yes they are Forgeworld, and at the time they really couldn't be used in regular games (can they be used now? What FW book will I need to use them in 6th edition?). Even if I wasn't going to use them that much, I really wanted them. The models just looked too damn

These models just scream Nurgle. Part machine, part daemon, all scary looking. A contraption that is part organic and part fan blade. I just wanted them as a part of my army, even if I didn't use them. They were a bit pricey if I recall, so I only got 2 (1 would be bad, three too expensive). I just don't know how people can afford to build whole armies with Forgeworld (says the man with a Titan).

They were quite easy to put together if I remember correctly. I used metal rods to have them hovering over their bases (I never use the plastic ones, as they always snap- just ask my Ultramarine Land Speeders). I had one be higher than the other, just to give the illusion that they are hovering irregularly.

As for painting, I painted them kind of like how I was painting my army at the time- a green base coat with Rotting Flesh and the like over it. I was careful to leave the mottled look for the shells and the fan guards. The eye was yellow, as I wanted to give it that mechanical yet sickly looking sensor/eye.

I decided to do the flesh differently. Perhaps its a different daemon in the machine. Perhaps they are in a different state of decay- who knows. One I decided to do flesh colored, while the other I did grey and purple- giving it a more deathly look. I used blood and yellow ink to do the sores and whatnot.

Finally, the rust was done with my old standby- dark brown, orange stippling, and boltgun metal. I suppose now the new effects paints would make that much easier, but hey- at the time it was a great method. The blades in particular look good on these bad boys.

I know I have used them in a couple of battles, in particular my Bachelor Apocalypse game. But, they are really cool, and look good with my Death Guard army.

The other model I wanted to show today is my Great Unclean One, which we affectionately call "Jimmy". Why Jimmy? That calls for a short story. Back in the day, as I was building up my Death Guard Plague Marine army, I wanted to add some daemons (back then, you'll recall, they were in the same book).

So, I sat down with my friend Pete to discuss this addition. I wanted to do something different, and I suggested that I'd like body parts reaching out of the Greater Daemon, as it would look like he consumed them or absorbed them or something. At this early point, I had NO putty skills, and didn't know how to carry out the vision. Pete said that he would do the conversion for me- and seeing the final product got me to learn putty work (that and I hated the bland looking metal Death Guard that had been released for 3.5/4th, and putty was the only way to make them better).

When Pete was done, I was awed. The putty work was amazing, and the thing looked so twisted- perfect for Chaos. After playing several games with him (later on), Pete called the little zombie thing in the Unclean One's stomach "Jimmy". Thus, the name stuck, and he would always be "Jimmy".

The painting was what would be my "typical" Nurgle. Dark Angels green base, with successive layers of Rotting Flesh. I used their old inks for the wounds and the "wooden" horns. I was careful to pick out the maggots and whatnot.

The eyes would be what I would always do for Nurgle daemons- red, white, and black (which I think I got from an old WD). The sword I also did with metal and inks. What really sells the model is the conversions- the zombies were done with brighter flesh tones- are they a part of him? Inside him? The paint makes them stand out a bit, but I also blended to make the zombies look like a part of the model.

When all was said and done, this was one of my favorites. The teamwork of conversion, the paint job- it really became a great part of my emerging Death Guard army. He had been a mainstay then, and he evolved to be the heavy hitter of my successive Daemon armies- the guy is currently a beast. Give him psyker levels and bam! The guy is almost unkillable, and he deals out punishment of all kinds. Nurgle himself would be proud.

So, perhaps I'll be back next week with some more pics of other models. Like I said, if WD is going weekly, then I have to try to keep up- Ha ha.

Until next time...


  1. Get the newest FW Apocalypse (NOT Apocalypse II or Apocalypse Second Edition, there is a newer one) to use Blight Drones, Chaos Titans (warhound and reaver), Daemon Lords, Mamon, Uraka, Chaos Contemptor Dreadnoughts... the list of Chaos epicness just goes on and on. I highly recommend it.

  2. Thank you for the info! I will make sure that FW:A is the book I get.