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Friday, April 12, 2013

Just Completed: A Few Daemons

Hey there everybody! Old Man Chaos is back in action. Well, not that I have been "out of action" per se, but I have been very busy with home and work stuff. However, I have been doing some painting and such. I was in the midst of working on my Khorne Bezerker army when the Daemon Codex was released. I have played 2 games with that book now, and I am dying to try out more options and ally combinations. I really love the book, as a matter of fact, even if Warp Storm is a bit messy.

At any rate, as a result of the Daemon book, I got the itch to work on some Daemons again. Now, I had some in various stages of completion, so I was now energized to go back and work on them. So, without further ado, let's take a look then...

First up, my Daemon Prince of Khorne. I put this guy together quite some time ago, but I never painted him. He kinda just got lost in the shuffle. Originally, I wasn't sure what I was going to make him. Then, when I began work on the Khorne Bezerkers, it was a no brainer that I would do him in the colors of the Blood God.I didn't give him wings, as I really wanted him to look like a Chaos Space Marine gone terribly, terribly wrong. I even gave him the spikes on his upper back to make him look like a Terminator perhaps. I put some of those old resin rubble pieces on as well, just to give him a bit more action on his base.

In painting him, I had to "re-create" my Bloodletter scheme on him, using the new paints. I put Khorne Red all over everything (body and armor plates), then washed with Nuln Oil. The armor I then proceeded to paint a la my current Bezerker scheme. As for his flesh, I built up very carefully from the darkened base coat, using Wazdakka Red and then Evil Sun Scarlet. Now he was quite bright, and I then used the Bloodletter Glaze to finish. He looks strikingly close to my Bloodletters (and they were painted a few years ago). At least now I know that I could do more Bloodletters and have them look close enough to be a coherent army.

Next up, I have a set of Nurglings. My friends got me these when I was sick last summer, but I hadn't gotten to them. The Nurglings are really cool with lots of personality- some are fearsome, others are mischievous. The box gets you 3 bases, but I decided to "Save Money The Chaos Way" (trademark pending- kidding kidding) by stretching them to be 6 bases. See, although they don't look AS numerous, I felt that piling them all together loses a ton of detail anyways. So, I spread them out, making 6.

I made the Nurglings different shades, all of them tie into my Plaguebearers and my Death Guard. I found that the Nurgling Green and Sepia wash make a very effective combination (more on that in a bit). Overall, they were simple to paint and, en masse, they look just fine. I don't use Nuglings that often, though now I might use them a bit more.

I had bought a box of the new Plaguebearers last summer, before I hit the hospital. I had put them together, but did little else with them. I really like the models. They go together well, and they fit in with the aesthetic of the metal Plaguebearers, so you can mix and match just fine (you really CAN'T do that with any of the other Daemons- they look way to different). Keeping the look the same was a big win in my book, but the plastic are just great with their greater posing action.

I painted these guys in the various hues of Nurgle. Nurgling Green and a Nuln Oil wash (with a successive highlight of Nurgling Green) really make them look like my metal Plaguebearers. However, I discovered that Nurgling Green and Sepia also go together great, giving them a dirty, dingy look. I didn't even need to do any successive highlights- it look perfect that way. I also liked doing Zandri Dust and Sepia- those guys look quite different, but again, they are the colors of Nurgle's Rot, so that's fine with me. I am pleased with how they turned out.

Last, but not least- I realized I needed heralds (Locus for FNP? Sign me up!). I bought the new plastic herald. I love this model- it is so big and well detailed. The only thing I didn't like was the tongue, so I placed it in his guts instead, making it look like a tentacle or something. I painted it in the same way that I did some of the others- Nurgling Green with Sepia wash. He looks so rotten- I used further washes on his diseased leg, giving it a cancerous look. This model is great- I just wish it had a bit more posing ability.

I needed another herald (already have Epidemus), so I tried the old (and very simple) conversion
route. I picked up the fantasy Nurgle Champion. I then put on a Plaguebearer head and some Nurglings on the base. Done and done. He's a champion, so I did it as if he is going to become a Greater Daemon one day- he's larger than other Plaguebearers, looking more like a Great Unclean One. I painted him in my more "traditional" Nurgle way. The result is pretty cool, in my opinion. IF I do another herald, I'm not quite sure how I'll do it. What other model could I use and still have it look like a Plaguebearer? Hmmm...

Well, that's all for today, folks. I am almost done reading Angel Exterminatus. I intend to do a mini review for both this and Ahriman:Exile in the coming days.

Until next time.


  1. Nurgle gifts for the sick ... priceless. I am loving your Plague Bearers and especially the Nurglings. Well painted ... very nice! =)

    Looking at your minis makes me want to go get a set of Plague Bearers and Nurglings myself. I already have a Nurgle Daemon Prince, Typhus, two Plague Marines Squads, a Dark Vengeance Chosen squad (which look well suited for a Nurgle army) and a set of Forgeworld Death Guard Terminator conversion set, all in storage and awaiting painting in the future. But I must resist or I will never get my current Black Legion/Word Bearers army finished. =(

  2. You want to worship Nurgle... you know you want to... just paint one... Painting one Plaguebearer won't hurt... Hehe! I'm kidding!

    I just saw your Helbrute. I am stunned by the detail you committed to the internal energies of the Helbrute. I would love for you to show the entire model, as I'm betting it will look amazing!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. It's a morale booster in my efforts to put out a miniature that is competition-worthy. =) My biggest worry is putting out a mini that other contestants would laugh at hence I am doubling my efforts to make sure this Helbrute is at the very least presentable. Deadline for submission to the competition is 18 May, so slightly after that, I should be able to post complete pics on my blog.

    2. Just make sure that you don't lose sight of a simple truth: paint/model/play because you enjoy it, not just to win. A win can be fleeting, but the entire process of the hobby should be fun and fulfilling.

      I won an prize for being "The Best Looking 40K Army" at a 40K tornament at I-Con several years ago. I had only gone to play and have a good time- winning the prize was just a bonus! (The prize was a 50$ gift card to a local hobby store that sponsored the tournament- which I promptly spent on Daemons). I even came in the top 10 of the tournament, game-wise (again, a pleasant surprise).

    3. Good advice. It's will be my first ever competition and the local painters are way more talented than me anyway so I am just seeking to hold my on and be a part of the festivities. =) Also as I am just starting out gaming-wise I hope to find someone from my local gaming community who would be patient enough to game with me when I eventually get my army up.