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Friday, February 17, 2012

Manufactorum Ruins (part 2)

Howdy to my fellow depraved followers of Chaos! I'm back with a brief look at a terrain piece I've been working on- another Manufactorum!

Now, I have a ton of terrain pieces already (my wife says I can't buy any more terrain till I put together what I already have- yikes!), but I do like making new ones from time to time. The truth is, I like playing with new terrain, as it makes the game more varied and good terrain gives a table and battle more character.

I already made a Manufactorum ruin a few months ago. I decided that I'd make the next piece "connect" with it. I want to create a real "factory complex"- winding catwalks, bombed out buildings, factory wreckage, etc.

 So, I made a catwalk to connect the two together. Using the same size base, I aligned the two catwalks to be directly opposite each other. Like this, it looks like one big factory. I did leave room on the grey base, so that I could add additional (though not permanent) wreckage, barrels, etc. I do that so models can walk on it, but if I want to hinder them more, just add more wreckage. This makes the terrain more versatile.

 Of course, I can separate them and use them as two different pices on opposite sides of the battlefield if I want. That's what I liked the most about this- the separate bases allow me to do either, which gives the terrain even more versatility.

Painting, I used the same techniques that I used on the last one. Scab Red is the basis of the factory, with plenty of rusty pipes, battle damage, and more. For the rust, I paint Scorched Brown, then I stipple Blazing Orange, and then Boltgun Metal. You can then use brown or green washes from there.

I confess here and now that I am not a "terrain master" at all. However, I am quite satisfied by the work I did here. On its own, its a nice piece, but when you combine it with the first piece, it makes a really nice, interesting, and connected Manufactorum.

I intend on making two more (thus, a four block total). I'll be using the same principles for the next two pieces, so I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Until next time...

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