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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs. Grey Knights (Part 2)

Hey there Chaos fans! Last time, we looked at a Kill Team mission whose result would have a big impact on the big battle. It is my forces of Chaos against my brother's Grey Knights. I won the Kill Team battle. As a result, the Grey Knight commander would be the target of assassination in the big battle mission. We selected our forces, and my brother placed his men right in the open, on the overpass. I thought this was a reckless and brazen move. I prepared to slaughter this servant of the false Emperor!

The target of my assassination- the Grey Knights Grand Master
With the Assassination mission, I was only allowed to field some of my units immediately. The rest were to be held in reserve. I put out my Dreadnought and my Black Legion Terminators at the start of the overpass. They would soak up a ton of fire, but I wanted my Dread to get in there quick. I had my Plague Raptors on the lower level. They would swoop in when the time was right. Finally, I put my Plague Terminators at the far end in cover. My plan was to march them through, and then get into a nice shooting position. This turned out to be my biggest mistake, however, as they were too slow getting through the cover in order to make a difference.

My initial strike force
Moving toward the enemy
My Dreadnought was the first thing to go down, naturally. He had soaked up a lot of firepower though (curses to the Psy-cannon), and I believed that I could get in my Black Legion Terminators into combat pretty quickly. My Raptors buzzed about below. Of course, I stopped in difficult terrain, and wouldn't you know it- I failed one of my dangerous terrain tests! And my Terminators were moving too damn slowly in the ruins. Thus, the best shot appeared to be my Raptors, despite the loss of one of them.

Ah! My old nemesis- difficult terrain!
Moving too slowly through difficult terrain
My luck improved next turn. My Khorne Bezerkers and my Khornate Daemon Prince made their reserve rolls (though the remainder of my Plague force had not arrived yet). My Black Legion Terminators made it into combat, killing all but one of the Grey Knights. He stood his ground, unfortunately.  This would give the enemy the opportunity to advance his second Terminator squad into my Black Legion. This would be their end, BUT... I hoped his Grand Master would be left exposed to my advancing Raptors. They had already shot at him from below the overpass and wounded him.
The Black Legion strikes!

"Advance... For the Emperor of Mankind!"
 My plan sort of worked. The Grey Knight Terminators moved toward the advancing Black Legion Terminators (and behind them, my Khorne Bezerkers and Khornate Daemon Prince). His Grand Master was by himself, with Grey Knight Marines just a bit away. Now, my Plague Marine Terminators were still too far away, so I decided to send in my Raptors quickly to try to finish the Grand Master off. Unfortunately, combat did not go my way on either front. The Black Legion Terminators were wiped out by the second Terminator squad, and the Raptors were unable to wound (my brother rolls very very very well- as he always has). I knew right there that he'd move in his Marines to kill off the Raptors. My Plague Marines had yet to appear (damn lousy reserve rolls). Of course, in his turn, he moved in the Marines and wiped off the Raptors.  He braced his Terminators and had them shoot at the advancing Khorne Bezerkers. His Dreadnought and Nemesis Dreadnight had previously appeared, and they also fired on my Blood God warriors.

My Plague Raptors won't be able to withstand the assault

The Khorne Bezerkers are shot at from all directions
My Plague Marines and my second HQ finally arrived- though too little too late to really turn the tide of battle at this point. I had one last card to play. My Khornate Daemon Prince had advanced under the overpass, and he could assault the Grey Knight Marines... the Grand Master was just too far away. If the forces of Khorne could tie him down long enough- my Plague Terminators were just about in position to open a hail of fire on the Grand Master. So- I went for it. My Daemon Prince assaulted the Marines. Unfortunately, though I killed a couple, they stood their ground.

Detained in another part of the city, the Plague Marines arrive too late to aid the forces of Chaos!

The Grey Knights face the Daemon Prince of Khorne!
In the Grey Knight's turn, my brother backed up his Terminators, continuing to gun them down as they ran up the overpass, meanwhile his Nemesis Dreadknight did the same. Remarkably, he didn't do that well, but he killed just enough to weaken the squad. However, the real fight was the Daemon Prince. Again, I killed too few, meanwhile, his Nemesis force weapons cut through the "stuff of the warp" and my Daemon Prince was banished back to the warp. The last chance I had vanished.

 The mission called for Random Game Length, and I let my brother roll. The game ended right there. He had won, as his Grand Master was left standing. I had given it my all- and I couldn't quite get to him.

The Grand Master survived the assassination attempt
Wow! This was a great game all around. Playing the Kill Team mission at the beginning was a great way to introduce the bigger game. It was tense, action packed, and added narrative punch to the main battle. It was also great to play a mission that didn't have "D3 objectives" or the like. It made the game feel fresh and interesting. My brother played a hell of a game. I thought it was reckless to put his men on the overpass, but what he did was bottleneck my foot troops- they had to climb the ramp to the overpass- and then they'd face massed Grey Knights.It was a good approach tactically, while also in keeping with Marine fluff- they fear nothing.

For my own part, I put the Plague Terminators too far away to matter in the game. My reserve rolls weren't great, either. When I later told my friends that I brought in a Daemon Prince, they said I was crazy, as Daemons get their asses handed to them by Grey Knights. I knew that too- but I figured what would be a battle between the Forces of the Emperor and the Slaves to Darkness without at least one Daemon? Perhaps it was a mistake, but the last, desperate battle between the Daemon Prince and the noble Grey Knights felt "legendary", and I had a blast with this game anyways- win or lose. Besides, I'll begin planning for my revenge... <insert evil Chaos fanatic laughter here>

Anyways, that's all for this Battle Report. Have a good one!

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