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Friday, September 30, 2011

Finished: The Landing Pad

Hey there Chaos fans! Did you think old man Chaos forgot about you? Of course he didn't. I'm back with a new post, this time its the Imperial Landing Pad!

I was inspired by the color scheme of the landing pad shown in the 40K rulebook (in the battles/campaign section. What page is it on? How should I know? What- you think I have a photographic memory... come on now!). I used Calathan Brown with successive lighter brown (Graveyard Earth) highlights. I used Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal for the grating and to show signs of damage / wear. I painted the lights in successive blues, followed by gloss to make the lights look shinny.

I'm trying real hard to continue my quest to build more terrain. I'm currently alternating between terrain and the Dark Eldar. I prefer to paint my army, but, truth is, terrain is needed. I have a lot, but I want more variety. I want to make special pieces so that I can use them for story campaigns (The Blood Angels have to make it to the spaceport in order to send for reinforcements or get picked up or whatever). I'd like to add these terrain to make game story-lines. That works as a good motivator for me to make more terrain.

Enjoy the pics. Until next time...

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