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Monday, January 21, 2019

A Pair Of Armiger Helverins

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos (tm) is back with another astounding article here on Chaos Corner.

First off I wanted to say that I'm really liking the new (again) format of the White Dwarf. I like that it had some short stories (about Vigilus) and a revised Index Astartes for Crimson Fists, plus a nifty battle report, all of which I enjoyed quite a bit. I hope that each issue builds upon the success of this issue. Even my son enjoyed it!

At any rate, my wife (and son LOL) got me a box of Armiger Helverins for Christmas. just as my brother got me a Bloat Drone. I assembled and painted the Drone first, as it is something that I am quite familiar with. I have also painted a lot of Nurgle the past year or so, thus I went with the Drone and decided to wait on the Armigers.

Gotta start 'em young...
With the Drone finished, I immediately dove into the Armigers. I really like the model (though I wish it had some weapon options to vary up their look). They went together fairly quickly, and are also quite sizable. Now, they aren't as big as a Knight or something, but they are pretty hefty in their own right.

I feel like it has been quite a while since I painted anything Mechanicus. If my own blog is accurate, the last time I did Ad Mech was August 2017!! Holy Cow- but that is a very long time. No wonder why I was rusty with the color scheme- I had to look up my notes on the scheme I did so that I could recall the colors used!

Despite my foggy memory, I ultimately painted them the same as my other Mechanicus and Imperial Knight stuff. The basic armor plates was Steggadon Green, with alternating plates painted up Thunderhawk Blue. Russ Grey was then the highlight for the edging and such. The trim was Balthazar Gold with Hapshut Copper layered over that. The mechanical parts were Leadbelcher with a heavy Nuln Oil wash. This was followed by a very little Stormhost Silver highlight.

In keeping with what I have done with the Knights, I added some decals to their shoulder plates. I didn't care for the Armiger decal set, so I mostly used decals from the Knight and Admech decal pages, plus a small scythe from Imperial Guard tanks (my last of the small decals unfortunately).

The decals really bring the models together. They also make the Armigers truly look like the small cousins of the larger Imperial Knights. I really like the look of them together. Now all I need si the close combat Armiger Warglaives to complete the set lol.

Rule-wise, I think the Helverins ain't bad. With 2 x 2D3 autocannon shots doing 3 damage each, these things are clearly good against heavy infantry (terminators) and some vehicles. As long as you roll well, these things could be quite formidable. I have heard that they are good, though some people swear by the close combat Warglaives (again, reason for me to get some of those).

Well, that's all for now. I wont be back right away, as I have something very big I'm working on, and I am sure that it is going to take me time to assemble and paint. Should I tell you? Maybe just a hint you say? Oh, alright. It is big, and it is Imperial Knight related. There? That enough? LOL

Until next time...

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