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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Completed- Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis

Hey there denizens of the warp (which I guess is another name for the Aethernet-- get it?). Old Man Chaos is here with another exciting article- try not to fall asleep, OK? So- without further ado, I bring you--- Games Workshop's Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis!

First, a little background. My friend Pete and I have always been interested in gaming tables. He's got the construction know-how, I've got the imagination. Pete's first table was a Martian red desert table (and the terrain he built for it was equally awesome). Later, he built a lava table- which he was initially unhappy with. I told him he'd be crazy to throw it out- I explained how the table had so much potential with resin lava- we both worked on it and made a gorgeous table- one of the best I've ever seen and played on.

In 2005 we went to Games Day in Baltimore. We saw large Gale Force Nine buildings (which I later ordered from them) and city themed tables. This became my mission: to build a city fight table! An urban warzone that fit my imagination! A city reduced to rubble by the weapons of the 41st millennium... that's where my games of 40K should be! After Baltimore we planned and built that table (with a bunch of friends also helping). The results were great- and I loved playing on that. The gaming memories from that table were astounding.

But, of course, times change. I got married, needed more room in my basement, and well- no more gaming table. I gave it to my friend Joe, who is planning to make a frozen warzone from it (eventually). I meanwhile, still wanting a battlefield of some kind, made a temporary table from large wooden boards- which I have used since then (say the boards are about two or three years old by now I think...).

Anyways, for Christmas my wife decided to give me a big surprise. She got me the Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis!! As she says, she doesn't mind the hobby, as she knows where I usually am at night- painting away at my work station. She got the boards because they are easily storable in their own bag, and she knows how I've missed my previous gaming table. I am very lucky to have a wife so understanding, willing to put up with the plastic crack that is 40K.

I must admit, I have never painted anything quite like this before- there is a ton of detail on the boards, and they are big and broad pieces to boot. My only quibble is that there are only two types of board surface, I wish there was just one more.

Because there are only two board types, I decided that I would need to paint in a bit of variety to differentiate the boards. At first, I generally stuck to the painting video GW has online. In particular, the usage of Skavenblight Dinge for much of the surfaces, like roads and sidewalks. I also adhered to using Dawnstone on the sidewalks, followed by highlights of Ubshanti Bone and Nuln Oil for the cracks, etc. The roads I then washed with either Nuln, Earthshade, or Cammoshade. Once dried, I dry-brushed Administratum Grey.

To keep the boards similar, I made the metal walkway planks all Leadbelcher with Nuln wash. So the roads, sidewalks, and metal walkways were all the same. However, I got creative with painting the building footprints and those areas. Some industrial areas were done with Leadblecher and washed with other colors, such as Sepia. Some of the set pieces (like the Aquilla) I did in various ways, some metal, some stone, some brass, some gold. I used various greys (Russ, Mechanicum), and some greens (Castellan) as well. Finally, I did two factory areas red, to match my factory pieces.

In the gutters I did plenty of Typhus Corrosion and some Nurgle slime. I also used Blood for the Blood god fairly liberally on some boards- this is a warzone damn it. People are getting shredded out there!

So, in this photo spread I have only shown the boards. I will be playing on these tables VERY soon (next week), so I will then show terrain, models, etc. As it stands, I love the boards and how they came out.

 They have similarities that time them together, with some differences to make them unique, yet not garish or overwhelming. The boards are certainly in urban colors, and will work well with my terrain. My Khorne Bezerkers and Plague Marines will look really good on the board. And I must say GWs video was very helpful to me, giving me focus and tips on how to make the board come alive.

I told you I was working on something BIG- this is one of the biggest paint projects I have worked on, that's for sure. I cannot wait to use the Sector Imperialis for my campaign!

 Until next time... stay thirsty, my friends. 

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  1. There is an incredible amount of detail in them. Very nicely done. If I had those I would probably use them as pieces of a diorama.