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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Campaigning in 40K Part 2- Getting Back On The Horse

Hey there my friendly readers! Welcome to yet another edition of the Chaos Corner. The Dark Eldar are upon us! Very exciting, though the idea that they have no LoW is kind of lame. Seriously? The other 7th edition books all have a LoW- why are we DE players being shafted again? So annoying. At the very least I hope he comes as a Dataslate. I just wish GW would be just a bit more consistent with their books/releases.

At any rate, I am here to talk about my campaign to... do a 40K Campaign. In a previous article, I outlined a campaign my friends and I did, The Gryphone IV- Siege of Kronian campaign (See that article HERE. We were so excited by the campaign, but it fell apart- the rules were too complex, and the map was cumbersome, to say the least.

However, I never gave up on the dream. I would always tinker with rules, trying to develop better campaign rules. Well, this past year I have come up with a much better ruleset, and a storyline to go with it. So, for your approval, I present to you the storyline: The Judgment of Trovana Prime!!!

The Judgment of Trovana Prime

Background of Trovana Prime: In the opening phases of the 13th Black Crusade (999.M41), the entire Imperial war machine slowly grinds in preparation to meet the threat of Abbadon and his forces of traitors and heretics. This will be a war unlike any other, a war that will shake the foundations of the galaxy. Such a titanic confrontation seems quite remote to the people of Trovana Prime however, as they are far from the front lines; yet, little do these Imperial citizens know that a swift fate is hanging over them, and that the flames of Cadia and the gaze of the Eye of Terror may yet reach Trovana.

Trovana Prime is actually the fourth planet of the Trovana system, however it is the largest habitable planet and thus the center of trade and culture in the system. The Trovana system was settled by pioneers from the Five Hundred Worlds, the original seat of the Ultima Segmentum. Trovana, like so much of the Ultima Seqmentum, is ruled over and protected by the Ultramarines.

Trovana, like many of the original Five Hundred Worlds, is a planet of biodiversity, abundant raw materials, and large cities that facilitate the exploitation of Trovana Prime’s resources. Trovana Prime has become a center of trade, industry, and culture in the region. Naturally, Trovana pays its rather large tithes to Maccragge and the Imperium without issue or complaint.

As the war on Cadia begun, Marneus Calgar, master of the Ultramarines, has called upon all worlds in his domain to produce more materials to aid the forces of Cadia and the besiged Imperial defenders. Calgar is also preparing to lead the Ultramarines personally to battle on Cadia against the forces of the archenemy.

Insurrection on Trovana Prime: Just as Calgar was preparing to mass his forces and gear up wartime production on his worlds, the unthinkable occurred- a revolt broke out on Trovana Prime. The insurrection at first seemed to be a spontaneous uprising, with workers dissatisfied with the increase in work hours and tithes demanded. However, as the rebellion spread from the Kroarscia Industrial Complex Forge Center to the City of Hisi to the agri-plains of the Shahar Valley, it became apparent that a more insidious foe was at work. As the rebels began to unfurl their new standards and flags, the strange and blasphemous symbols demonstrated beyond doubt what started this insurrection, the forces of Chaos.

Lord Governor Porter Vasser the third immediately rallied loyalist forces and set to work in cutting out this foul cancer from Trovana. Vasser and his right hand, General Xan took the fight to the rebel stronghold in Kroarscia, but they continue to resist in all quarters of the globe. Making matters worse, some elements of Vasser’s forces have turned traitor, led by the treasonous Colonel Strommer. Vasser has put a brave face on the conflict, swearing to put down the rebellion at all costs. Vasser did petition the Ultramarines for aid, and Calagar has sworn aid to the loyal forces of Trovana

Chess Pieces: As the rebellion continued, a strange visitor made his way to see Governor Vasser- an old man named Lenard Wynter. Through trickery and deceit, Wynter came before the Governor and revealed that he was an Inquisitor- Wynter the Forgiver of the Ordos Malleus. With such authority, the Inquisitor quickly took much of the power from Vasser and has become the de-facto leader of the Imperial forces of Trovana Prime.

In the midst of these developments, Calgar was about to split his forces- the bulk were to be dispatched to Cadia, with a smaller force sent to Trovana to put down the rebellion. At this moment, Calgar received a communication from Jarred Corwin, lord Inquisitor of the Ordos Hereticus. Corwin petitioned that Calgar himself go to Trovana at once, informing the lord of Ultramar that a renegade, heretical Inquisitor was on planet, weakening the loyalists from within, and Governor Vasser didn’t know it. Gritting his teeth, Calgar acquiesced to the Inquistor’s command and prepared at once to go to Trovana.

The Die Is Cast: As Lord Governor Vasser and Inquisitor Wynter prepared to renew assaults on rebel strongholds, the unthinkable occurred. Chaos Battleships broke from the warp and entered orbit, vanquished the Trovana space defenses, and began to make planetfall. Thus, the truth was revealed- the Traitor Legions were behind the bloodshed. Incredibly, the Plague Marines of the war-band Krankhiet and the Khorne Bezerkers of the Scions of Gorechild have formed an uneasy alliance, putting aside their mutual animosity in order to slaughter those loyal to the Emperor. From orbit, Death Guard battle barges launched chemical and nuclear warheads against loyalist strongholds, rendering the city of H'Chusni and the Highlands of Tulkas into contaminated wastelands, while the Bezerkers, led by Kharn himself, tore a bloody swath through the defenders. Vasser feared for his world and his soul, but Wynter reassured him that the Emperor protects.

As if in answer to a prayer, Calgar and his Ultramarines arrived in-system, and prepared to take the fight to the enemy, both in the void and on the war-torn planet. Calgar swore that this blasphemy would be avenged, for no planet of the Five Hundred would ever fall to Chaos. He swore an oath, on the honor of Guilliman, that justice would be done for Trovana Prime.

From the planet surface, Inquisitor Wynter could feel it with his psychic senses. Corwin was indeed with the Ultramarines- Corwin had his tainted claws in everything, didn’t he? Wynter, sighed, knowing he may have to fight the Ultramarines now as well. Taking up his weapons, he simply said “For the Emperor”…

What is the true purpose of the Chaos invasion of Trovana?
What spurred the unholy alliance between two traitorous legions?
Can Calgar save Trovana and then make all speed for Cadia?
How will Lord Governor Vasser save his world?
And… which Inquisitor is the real traitor?

The War for Trovana has truly begun…

Well, that's the story set for the epic campaign. I'll post again with some of the rules that I made, and a progress report on the campaign itself. 

Until next time...

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