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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Dameon Princess for a Naughty New Year's

Hey there Chaos fanatics. Old Man Chaos is back with a bit fun. For Christmas, I bought my friend Pete a basic "studio" kit- it came with some lights, different fabric backgrounds, etc. It is the perfect size for taking pics of Warhammer miniatures. He told me that it was great, and I said "Boy, I should get one of those for my blog". As it turns out, my brother was listening, and he decided to get one for me for Christmas.

The thing is awesome, no doubt. Now, I am sure there are "higher end" products like this on the market, but it is something so simple, so basic, that it is perfect for someone like me- I'm an amateur, not a photographer. This is just the right speed for me, and I love it- both for its ease of use functionality and for the fact that I will no longer have to use the backs of foam trays to block out the background (which is invariably my living room).

So, I decided to take it for a test whirl by taking pics of something that I don't believe that I have ever shown on my blog before- my "Daemon Princess of Slaanesh". Undoubtedly, many of you recognize the model as the Ultraforge Pleasure Daemon. Holy cow- what a model. When the original Daemon codex appeared several years ago, everyone wanted a Daemon Prince with the Lash of Despair. Hehe! Now here was a model that looked perfectly "Slaaneshi", and it had a whip. Perfect indeed!

I wanted to paint the model to look similar to, but different from, what I was planning to do with my Slaanseh Daemonettes- black clothing (S&M leather), with purples, pinks, and a nice-looking skin tone (for me, what GW shows as their Daemonettes is actually waaaaayyy too ugly for Slaanesh- and I like the old metal ones better, truth be told).

At any rate, assembling and painting this model was a breeze. The flesh tone came out perfectly and smoothly, and the wings made a nice contrast with the rest of the model. The black "leather" and metal studs complete the effect. Finally, I added some runes (which I copied out of a Fantasy book, but I can't remember what they mean...).

It has been ages since I have used this model, and after looking at it now I realize that I should correct that- it is an amazing model, if not entirely PC. However, it certainly fits with the fluff and aesthetic of Slaanesh.

As for the photography kit- it works very well. The pictures I got with this are just great. The details show, the colors pop, and I have nothing getting in the way in the background. Further, these pics were taken with a simple digital camera (I don't have a fancy SLR or anything), and the result is just terrific. Maybe one day I'll get a better camera or something (again, I am more of an amateur).

So, now that I have my new "studio", I will be showing more pics of my previous models, and also as I finish new ones (and boy, I have a few doozies in the pipeline that I am really excited about). I plan on showing another of my old Ultraforge models very soon too... Hehe.

Anyways, I hope that you like the pics and much as I enjoyed shooting the pics (which I certainly did). Until next time...

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