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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Completed Daemons and my Thoughts on the New Effects Paints

Hey there everybody! I know that Old Man Chaos has been away for a while, but I have just been super busy! House work, seeing friends, work, and my wife have all conspired to pull me away from my blog. However, in spite of the business, I have been hard at work on some models, and I was thrilled to get my hands the new Citadel Effects Paints. Plus... I got a birthday surprise which I'll share at the end. So, away we go...

First, I am supposed to be playing a game at my local store using my Daemonic forces. Now, I don't think we'll be able to game for a couple more weeks, but nothing pushes me to model like knowing a game is coming up. So, I decided to finish some things that I have been working on for a while. I have not made any army list yet, so these may or may not make the final cut. However, I was happy to work on and finally finish these suckers. Let's look at the Tzeentch stuff first...

If you recall from my soon to be classic blog post (I'm kidding... geez. Calm down.) on Saving Money The Chaos Way, I showed how one Exalted Tzeentch daemon Chariot box could become two models for the price of one. After a few months painting them a bit and then forgetting them, and then getting back to them, I finally hunkered down and got them done.

First is the Herald of Tzeentch on a Disc. By using the spare disc and the "energy bloom" under it, I was able to construct a disc for our little herald. I used the same blues I used for my Blue Horrors and Screamers  from a while  back (See Here). I never thought that Tzeentch Horrors should be pink- that is the domain of Slaanesh. At one point, I made a box of the old metal horrors multiple colors- a good concept that looked bad on a squad. Thus, I decided to make all the Horrors blue.

The results look quite good, if I do say so myself. The Herald looks just like the other Horrors. I particularly like the hand that has the magical warp flames coming out. I decided to use greens, as it is a nice contrast to the blue (I considered "natural looking" flame, but it wasn't "magical" enough).

I am really thrilled how the Exalted Flamer came out. When I started it I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. The Flamer HAD to be blue, but different from the screamers pulling the chariot. Ultimately, I started him the same way as the screamers, but rather than put ever lighter blues, I instead put on the blue glaze. Damn- it is a striking blue, and it really makes the Flamer pop as opposed to the rest of the chariot.

The screamers I did in the same way as I did the metal ones. Though the plastics are different enough, the paint scheme still works on these new ones. Truth be told, though they have more detail, I like the metal ones a bit more- they look weird, as opposed to these ones which just look more scaly and have eyes (but, to each his own). The green flames I did the same way as before, building up from dark green up to moot green and then washed with the green glaze. The blues and greens contrast greatly, and it really is a nice looking and imaginative model (whether it works on the battlefield or not is another story).

Not to be outdone, I did some Khorne daemons as well. First up is the herald. I had to be careful to have him match my other bloodletters. See, I had painted them with the old paints a few years ago, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to match them up. Ultimately, I did so- Khorne Red, Nuln wash, highlights of Evil Sunz followed by the red glaze and he looks quite close to my other plastics.

The best part was that I got to try out the new effects paints on him (at least, Blood for the Blood God). I put the blood on the sword and the base. I love it. It looks coagulated and full... the glistening makes it look like heavy blood. Once I was done with the Herald and the Hounds I put some of the blood effect on MOST of my Khorne Marines- it just looks too darn good not to. (I have tried all the new effects paints except the one that makes the crackly base. All of the effects paints are cool and do neat things to the model- I'll show them off as I go in future completed model pics).

I happened to have some of the metal Flesh Hounds from the Chaos Daemons army force box (it had a ton of stuff in that box, let me tell you). The Flesh Hounds I did in a similar way to the Herald, as I want to tie all the Khorne Daemons together. Again, that glaze turned out to be the key, making their red just right.

I used the blood effect on them as well. In particular, I used the blood around their mouths, making it look like they have just feasted on some poor, unsuspecting guardsman and are now hunting for more. The models were a pain to put together (I dislike metal- I know, for some that's blasphemous, but hey... that's my heretical opinion and I'm entitled to it). However, they came out just fine in the end, and they will make a great addition to my Daemonic hordes.

As I said, I don't know if I will field them in my upcoming game or at a future point; I am just glad that I got them done and they turned out so well- despite the many pauses in my painting them. I will certainly try to use the Khorne Daemons as allies to my World Eaters at some point as well.

Well, that's all the newly completed stuff I have for now. In the meantime, my brother and wife got me a couple of nice birthday presents. One of them will take me quite a while to paint, but I am excited by the challenge...

Wowzers. That's going to be crazy to paint... Until next time, my Chaos fanatics...

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