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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Would You Like Some Khorne Flakes? Or how about some bikes?

Ha ha ha! I love that- Khorne Flakes! I wonder what the Lord of Skulls would make of that? Anyways, Old Man Chaos is back in action. I finished reading Deathwatch by Steve Parker (review coming by next week) and I'm about to start Vulkan Lives (excited for this one- I know little about Vulkan but being tortured by Kurze just can't be missed). However, I have also been very busy painting and modeling and stuff. So, I would like to share my creations with you... Khorne Bezerker Bikers!

When I was playing Plague Marines in the 3.5 edition, playing a true Death Guard army meant that you couldn't use several options, notably bikes and raptors. In the following book, Plague Marines could take those options, and I did some bug-winged Raptors, but I never did bikes. Maybe I was just used to being a foot slogger, but I just never got around to doing them. I only have a couple of bikes for the Black Legion, but that is an army I have kind of "inherited", and I don't use them much (though maybe if I buy that supplement...). I also have bikes for my Ultramarines, but I haven't used them in a dog's age (though with the new codex... who knows?).

In any event, my buddy Pete recently decided to get rid of his Chaos stuff so he could focus 100% on his Nids (Thanks Pete!). He gave me lots, 5 bikes being amongst them. Like me, Pete is a conversion nut- so he put these bikes on pins and held them aloft- making it look like they are banking, speeding, popping a wheelie, etc. With a few additions and tweaks of my own, I made them into Khorne Bezerker bikers.

Basically, I put a couple of heads on them (but not all... a bit of diversity is fine). I added a spike to the back of one, a banner to the other, etc.

It was weird painting them, as I haven't painted bikes in a long time. It was strange having all that red- man and vehicle like that, and I had to make sure that the red didn't overwhelm the model. Now, Khorne Bezerkers should be red and bloody, but you still need some variety on the model. Plus, red is a pain to use on a whole model- I seem to get different shades no matter what I do- I have learned to live with it and just accept that some parts of the armor are more bloody/dirty than others.

All told, they came out quite well. I particularly love the chains on the Champion. Put all together, the Khorne Bikers look quite dynamic- Pete did a good job of giving them a lot of motion and energy, which certainly fits Angron's progeny. They look as if they are racing in for the kill, or perhaps cutting off heads as they are speeding through.

I keep hearing that Bikers are good in this version of the Chaos Codex, so I am excited to give them a "spin" so to speak. Hehe!! I'll be trying them out as soon as I game again--- whenever that chance comes up.

I hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll have more Khorne goodness soon. Until next time...


  1. Cool conversion work! :) I like it very much. Any reason you chose to use smaller bases for them?

    1. When Pete put them together, that was what he used. I couldn't undo it without undoing the pinning, thus ruining the cool poses he got the bikes in. At the time he made them (several years ago), I think bikes had square bases, not the oblong ones they have now. I'm not sure if that had something to do with it either.