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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chaos Special Missions From Me To You

Hey there Chaos fanatics. With summer upon us, I am hoping to get in some modeling and gaming over the next couple of long hot months. I have World Eaters, Daemons, and even some Death Guard and Dark Eldar stuff I want to work on.

I have a couple more missions that I have worked on. Once again, I have borrowed from lots of sources (White Dwarfs, older books, etc.), but I have made lots of tweaks in order to fit them into 6th edition. With these three, one of the players MUST be Chaos Space Marines. So, let's take a look:


1) Chaos: Terminate The Daemonvessel!           

Overview: The forces of Chaos are planning on summoning a foul Greater Daemon to aid them in their bloody work. One of their own number will be host to the Greater Daemon- willing to be consumed by the entity for the greater glory of their god! However, the enemies of Chaos have learned of the plot, (The Inquisition learned of it by torturing a heretic; the Hive mind sensed a change in the warp) and are now rushing with all haste to kill the daemonvessel before the Greater Daemon can enter this reality!

Set Up- After placing terrain, the table is divided short edge down the middle. Chaos forces may deploy 12” from their short edge. The enemy must deploy within 18” of theirs. With this done, the players roll off for deployment as normal. After deployment, the Chaos player decides which character is the Daemonvessel. This is marked down in secret. The opposing player must try to figure out which is the vessel and destroy him.

12” Chaosà
 18” Opponent

Primary Objective: The Deamonvessel
Secondary Objectives: Slay The Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker

Special Rules: The forces of Chaos want to complete the ritual and summon the Greater Daemon, while their opponents want to prevent it. This is a race against time, and the victory points work out accordingly:


> End of Turn 2
End of Turn 3
End of Turn 4
Lives- 1 VP
Lives- +1 VP
Vessel becomes Greater Daemon: +1VP
Kills it now- 3 VP
Kills it now- 2 VP
Kills it now- 2 VP

Note: If the vessel becomes the Greater Daemon, the opponent gets 1 VP if he slays it by the end of turn 5. If it lives, Chaos gets an additional VP.

Game Length: Game ends on at the end of turn 5. 

2) Chaos: Total Devastation

Overview: The heretical forces of Chaos seek to destroy every single thing, in honor of their vile gods. They wish to slaughter every living thing, destroy every structure, and defile all that is good and natural.

Set Up: The table is divided in quarters. In the center of each quarter a building/structure is placed. After this is done, players roll off for deployment- they select diagonally opposite table quarters. They may deploy anywhere in their quarter, as long as it is 12” away from the center.


Opponent’s Deployment

Chaos Deployment


Primary Objective: The forces of Chaos want to destroy everything, and these buildings are their targets (Civillians? Leaders? Factorums? Shrines? It doesn’t matter- they just want to ruin all). The defenders want to slow down Chaos as much as possible, and protecting these structures will do just that. Each building is worth 1 victory point. At the end the game, each building left standing is a VP to the defender. Each building destroyed is a VP to Chaos.

Secondary Objectives: First Blood (only)

Special Rules:

Targeted Buildings: These structures are all considered to be armor value 13 (no matter their appearance), and they have 4 Hull Points. They have no guns or other defenses. They may be shot or assaulted as if they were vehicles. All other buildings are treated as normal.

Game Length: Random

3) Chaos: Black Crusade

Overview: The forces of Chaos are on the march, and they have grown bolder, and more repugnant- each murder that they commit only drives them on to further acts of violence and depravity. At this point, the ranks of Chaos swell, and the blessings of their gods are upon them. With their full strength gathered, the Great Enemy now launches a genocidal campaign against their enemies, taking their lives as well as their souls. They will leave none alive!

Setup: The table is divided down the middle. The players roll to chose table halves. Then, the defender MUST deploy first, 12” from their board edge. Then, Chaos deploys, 18” away from their table edge. Once deployed, roll a D6. On a roll of 2-6, Chaos goes first. On a 1, the defender goes first.

Chaos 18”

Opponent 12”

Primary Objective: Utter Destruction, folks; it is kill or be killed in this game. Each enemy unit that is destroyed is worth 1 victory point.

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Special Rules:

All Hope Lost!- With the forces of Chaos in the ascendant, their power grows ever greater, and warp energies build around them. To represent this, all opponents are at -2 leadership if they are within 12” of the forces of Chaos (this includes for psychic tests).

Meat Grinder- to represent the idea that the commanders are throwing everything they have into this battle, any non-vehicle units that are destroyed are then replenished and put into reserve, arriving from their table edge. However, if they are destroyed again, the opponent gains another victory point, etc.

Game Length: The game ends at the end of turn 6

Well, that's it for now. Once again, I hope these missions will be entertaining, or will inspire you to make your own. Until next time...

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