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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brief Review of Campaign of Fire and a Khorne Bezerker Army Update

Hey there Chaos fanatics! Old Man Chaos here, sitting in the depths of the Eye of Terror, plotting revenge against the false Emperor and his weakling armies! Well, perhaps I'm actually at home, blogging about casting down the Imperium instead hehe!! I have two ideas in mind today- first I'd like to do a mini-review of GW's surprise campaign book Crusade of Fire, and then I'd like to show off more of my recently finished Khorne Bezerker Terminators. So, away we go...

GW had this one under wraps for quite some time- a new campaign book in time for the holidays- Crusade of Fire. I instantly had visions of the Eye of Terror  book dancing before my eyes, though I knew that it would not be that good- there was just something special about that campaign, wasn't there?

At any rate, I reserved my book (limited edition AT holiday time? That really blows, by the way) and got it this weekend. The book is a full color hardcover. First off I love that cover- and it goes so well with the Chaos Codex too! The book itself is divided into several sections- the campaign rules, a history of the Corvus system and the current crusade, the GW studio playing the crusade, and then special scenarios and rules including: dog fights, daemon worlds, and arena battles.

First, the positives: its great to see GW do this- a campaign book that inspires. It is not perfect by any stretch, but like EoT, it inspires the reader to want to do a campaign- I'd love to do one, and the truth is I have a campaign scenario set up, but after reading CoF I want to make some adjustments. CoF makes me want to be both a player and a games master. I want to get the creative juices flowing, and get my friends involved, despite our busy schedules. If that was the goal of CoF, then mission accomplished. The rules here are interesting, though some are slightly cumbersome (again- the key is inspire, not copy exactly). Additionally, I'd love to try all the special scenarios- the arena in particular sounds like a blast, as does the dogfight. The artwork is top notch (some new, some recycled, but all very pretty and appropriate), and the model pics are inspiring too.

Now, the negatives: the section on the GW studio was too damn long- it really should be in a WD or something. It should have been shortened at the very least, to make room for more fluff or alternate rules. Indeed, EoT and Armageddon both had substantial fluff- CoF just uses the bare minimum- the story could have been so much more, but instead they say just enough to get it going. I would have enjoyed more- make the Corvus system an intriguing area for future mentions in WD, Black Library books, and more (like Armageddon and EoT). As for the campaign rules, they range from great to solid to what the? I may be dense sometimes (so my wife tells me), but some of those rules just sound cumbersome or confusing. The daemon world rules in particular were rather blah- though it did inspire me to think about making my own!

Overall: I'm thrilled that they released CoF, even if it doesn't reach the lofty heights of EoT. I really like the point of the book, even if it left me wanting more or scratching my head. I could have done without the GW studio battles (for like 20 pages!), but it is great to see good looking models, and seeing Phil Kelly's Dark Eldar kick ass was a treat. The last thing is the price tag- 40 bucks is a bit steep, but the book and presentation were top notch. As a standalone book at that price I'd say 2 1/2 out of 4, but it is so inspiring (the real point of a book like this), I'll give it 3 out of 4...

As promised, I also have some pics from my newly finished Khorne Bezerker terminators. Now, while the Forge World ones are nice, I simply didn't want to spend the money on them. So, I decided to use my bits to make them Khorne looking.

Basically, I cut the nubs off the bottoms of the regular Khorne helms, and I put them in place on the terminators. I also used the world famous mutation sprue for the huge arm (what will I do when I use all those bits from that sprue? I have no idea).

As for the bases, I decided that I wanted to make them special. A few years ago I bought a ton of skull bases from some company (I can't remember now) for my Bloodletters, and I had some left over, so I used them for the terminators.

Hope you liked the pics and the review! Until we meet again...

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