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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Shape of Things To Come

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to another edition of Chaos Corner. As I discussed in my last post, I have been busy modeling. Busy indeed. And, as promised, I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak preview of my latest labor of love. So, let us look at... The Shape of Things To Come <cue dramatic music>

Yes, I have decided to do a Khorne Bezerker army. Look, the Plague Marines will always be my true love, and in fact, thanks to the new Codex, I will be adding some things to my Death Guard army in the next few months (I need to get stuff for Christmas and all... hehe!). However, I really wanted to branch out and do something TOTALLY different, Chaos wise.

The Plague Marines represent a mixed type of army. They are great at mid-range fire fights, and they are immovable in close combat (toughness, FNP, etc), though they are a bit slow (I 3). I have a ton of armor for them (Defilers, a Land Raider, Vindicators, etc) too. I also have daemons, Blight Drones, and even a Titan. I have played the army for years, for the past few editions. One day, I promise to post pics of the ENTIRE army.

In any event, I wanted to try something different. To date, I have never had an entirely close combat force. No Nids or Blood Angels or anything like that. Playing a Khorne army would force me to play in a different way than I ever have before- it will be a challenge to run this army. It is also a very different paint style than I'm used to. The models look very different from either Plague Marines or even regular Chaos Marines. The models running give them a dynamic look, and the weapons are odd looking, compared to other Chaos Marines. Everything about this army is a bit different for me. I decided to do this army in August- before the codex came out. I put a bunch together before I became ill. AS I recovered, I put more together, and I've been slowly painting them.

I had done one unit of Khorne Bezerkers years earlier, for my brother's Black Legion (which I inherited). I tried to use a similar scheme, but a my painting is a bit more sophisticated now, plus using the new GW paints to match the old is a challenge too. It has come together very well now, and I am very happy with the look (the dark red, evocative of dried, old blood, rather than the bright red that is often used- too bright for my tastes). I will discuss my painting techniques in a future post, as this is meant to be an introduction of sorts.

I will post more of my Khorne Bezerkers as I get them done. A special shout out to my friend Pete, who gave me a TON of Chaos bits, which, when combined with mine, became more than enough to make this Khorne Army. Don't get me wrong, I plan on playing a ton with all of my "regular" armies- Dark Eldar, Daemons, and naturally Plague Marines. However, I am very excited to paint the rest of my Khorne Army and get it onto the tabletop.

Hope you like the pics- I have a few more pics below too, so enjoy. Until next time...


  1. Nice work! You know I like red, and I love blood. I can't wait to see more.

    I'm also curious as to how I'm not a follower on here. Stupid blogger! I know I became a fan awhile back! Doin' it again...

    1. Nevermind, NOW I showed up. Jay confused (which isn't actually hard to do)...

  2. Thank you for the complement sir, I appreciate it.

    I'm working on this army, slowly but surely. I don't have quite as many conversions on my Khorne Bezerkers than I do on my Plague Marines, but I am still having a blast making the World Eaters.

    I'll be updating as I finish units- I plan on this being a series, "building an army" from start to finish type...