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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Court of the Archon (Work In Progress)

Hey there Chaos Corner fans! I hope you have all been doing well- hopefully you've caught a good movie, read a good book, or done some modeling. I have been a busy bee myself- I have begun reading Battle of The Fang (which IS as good as people say it is, and I'm only part in), and I have been doing some painting. I have paused my "big terrain project" for the moment in order to work on Dark Eldar- I needed the break. I have a few Dark Eldar projects going at the moment, but I wanted to show off the beginning of my Court of the Archon...

The Court of the Archon (thus far)
 I was never sure if I would ever field the Court of the Archon- I think the Lhemean's power is amazing (the Archon has a 2+ Agonizer- yes please!), but I was unsold on some of the others. I have been in the habit of sending the Archon out with either Warriors or Incubi. I just don't know if they'd be effective...

My sneaky Archon and Sslyth Bodyguard
 However, when they released the 2nd Wave of the Dark Eldar and Finecast, I was quite taken by the Medusae, the Lhamaean, and the Sslyth (those Ur-Ghuls, however, are NOT good looking OR worth that price). The looks of those models got me interested in doing a Court. Even if I don't field them often, I just wanted to make these models.

A simple but effective model

 My first was the Medusae. This model was painted with some of the new paints also- I used washes and glazes on the cloak and the brain, respectively. I made the cloak look rougher and dirty, reflecting the troubled prisoner/taken over creature that the Medusae is. It's a simple but effective model. You only need one or two, which is just fine.

She has a great ability AND is a finely detailed model
The second is the Lhaemean. I think this model has great details, and with conversion could well be a female Archon, if so desired. I washed the Scab Red cloak several times, really getting the was in the recesses of the garment- giving it a fine, silk look. The blade I did with washes of green over the leadbealcher paint. The armor was done with Khorne Red (which is very close to Red Gore), keeping her line with the rest of the Dark Eldar armor. Finally, her skin was done with a base of Rackarth Flesh, followed by a wash, and then Pallid Wych Flesh (a new favorite color). I am pleased with how this one turned out!

As you can see, I did an arm swap with a regular Dark Eldar Warrior
Last up is the Sslyth. I really love this model, and the very concept. The Archon hires them as bodyguards since he can't trust his own kind- nice fluff there. I love how they are dressed on Kabalite armor, but are totally alien. I did two of these bad boys- one of them has arm swaps with other Dark Eldar kits (another great thing about the DE). Paint-wise, I did their armor with the usual Khorne Red. Their scales I did a base of Caliban Green, followed by a wash, and then successive highlights of old snot green. The underbelly I hit with Caliban Green, then Nurgling Green after that. The eyes I did white with Yellow Glaze and a small Chaos Black slit for the pupil. The weapons were done with Leadbelcher and some of the other new metallic paints.

So, here's a shot of the Work In Progress "Court of the Archon", complete with my Archon. I was thinking of getting a new Archon to tie him in better with his court (hey, I can run two Archons, can't I?). I will also get a second Lhmean and Medusean soon. And then I have to figure out what to do about the Ur-Ghuls.... Hmmm- I smell another "How To Save Money The Chaos Way" coming soon, don't you? Hahaha!

Until next time!

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