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Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Completed: Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfire

Hey there Chaos Corner fans! Welcome back to another exciting edition. Well, let me tell you, it's been a busy time here for Old Man Chaos. There's nothing like the holidays here at the Chaos Corner- turkey, family, some sacrifices to the Chaos gods... yep, it's been all go around here.To make matters more interesting, my birthday just passed. I have great friends and family who feed my Warhammer 40K addiction quite well indeed. My friends got me some Hellions and 2 (!) more Venoms. However, my wife got me something I didn't have yet... a Razorwing Jetfire of my very own! So, guess what I've been workin' on...

I love this model, like most of the DE line. It's got a great look, and it "goes" with the look and feel of the rest of the army. I can certainly see my army having two of these ready to go... Hehe! Putting it together was a real snap. Everything fit together perfectly well, with one exception. The guns/turbines kept sliding out of place when I was assembling. I couldn't get them to stay "locked in" where they were supposed to be. Ultimately, I just assembled the body, and THEN put the guns in... It was a bit tricky, but no one will ever notice the difference.

 I also made the mistake (my own fault) of putting a different head in (I'm saving those nice helmets for another project),. The problem was, I picked a head that stuck out of the cockpit ever so slightly. Thus, I could not use the enclosed canopy. Thus, I used the half-canopy instead. This led to a happy accident, as I do like the look I achieved. Whew!

As for the paint scheme, I stuck to my traditional DE formula. I did Red Gore highlights around the edges. This is how I do all my DE models. The look is quite striking, while also fitting in perfectly with the rest of my army. One day, I'll have to take a pic of my entire army, just so we can see the unified look throughout. I love it- my most uniform looking army to date.

Of course, it isn't EXACTLY the same as the others. I put DE runes/glyphs on the vehicle, to make it stand out a bit. I also painted the missiles Dark Angels Green along with bright green streaks of energy. This is the same way I do my agonizers... the missiles look like they are crackling with evil energies and power.

I haven't glued it to the flying stand yet, as I'm not sure how to store it. I don't want to keep laying my fingers on it, putting it on/off the flying stand. And yet, I can't store it while glued on that stand. So, storage is something I'll have to think about.

 Finally, the recent codexes have made it quite clear that flyers are here to stay. Unless I'm missing something, flyers function like skimmers under the current rules (foregoing Apocalypse or FW rules). Of course, I don't want complicated flyer rules to clutter the game, but I'd like the flyers to be more than just skimmers rules-wise. I hope that when they do the new edition, they will make flyers a special category. Again, it doesn't have to be complicated, but a supersonic air plane should not be subject to the same rules as a skimmer. Just my two cents, and I could be wrong...

Well, until next time Chaos friends. Enjoy the pics!

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