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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chaos Corner Interviews: The Hivemind (Part 2)

 Welcome back to another exciting edition the Chaos Corner. This one is the conclusion of our two part "Interview with the Hivemind" series. Last time we discussed the "visuals" of the Tyranids, in terms of models, conversions, and paint schemes. Today, we will be delving a little deeper into the Hivemind's thoughts on the current iteration of the Tyranid Codex. Yikes! we're going deeper into the very heart of the Hivemind. I hope the Nids don't eat me or anything...

Q: If you were the Hivemind giving the "State of the Hive" address, what would you say about how the Nids are currently positioned in the game in terms of their storyline (fluff)?

 I would rate the fluff in the current iteration of the codex as an A+.  The latest rendition of the Tyranid Codex has some of the best fluff to date.  The Hive Mind in particular is no longer just a vague reference to a gestalt consciousness.  The Hive Mind is now possessed of a menacing intelligence that drives the Tyranids actions.  This elevates them above mere mindless animals and turns them in to a more sinister threat to the worlds of man. 

Q: And their rules? What would you say in regards to that? 

This is a bit tougher. I would rate that as a C+/B-.  While I am not one of those Tyranid players that throw their hands in the air and laments the current rules with cries of "The Tyranids are broken" and "You can't win with Nids".  That being said, I am not a tournament player, nor do I have any desire to be.  The new army list provides some unique challenges and some fun units.  I do admit that there are some units that are now ridiculously expensive, and sadly my Carnifexs are amongst them, right along with my Flying Tyrant.  The new list however offers a troop choice generating Tervigon as well as a host of units able to employ some truly nasty dirty tricks.  The Doom of Malan'tai for example can be an absolutely devastating if not unpredictable unit for a mere 90 points.  On the other hand there are units like the Pyrovore which seems to have been added to the list sans any play testing whatsoever.  All in all I have learned that above all the prior iterations of the Tyranid Codex that you have to have units act in concert with one another.  I won't bore anyone by going too deep into the intricacies of my tactics here.  I'll save that for my own blog.

Q: Your own blog? <grumble- I guess they'll let anyone blog these days... grumble> Anyway, there's been a lot of complaining in regards to the fact that the Nids don't have all their models yet. Many have bitched about wave after wave of  new Dark Eldar releases. What's your take on the situation?

It is what it is.  I would love new models for my beloved Tyranids, but only if they are done right and fit well into the model line, I would hate to see a half assed Tervigon or Tyranofex.  From what I understand that the ongoing lawsuit between Games Workshop and Chapterhouse Studios has been the major cause for the delays in the Nid release schedule.  I personally like the wave style release schedules as it was a lot easier on my wallet, I'll be sad to see it go.  Being that I have been asked about the Dark Eldar specifically;  I think they deserve their day in the sun.  Having been removed from the shelves for so long its good to see them back with so many shiny new toys and rules.

Q: Thanks for the sentiment. I usually only hear bitching about the Dark Eldar's "special treatment" and how the Nids got shafted and how the Dark Eldar should have been "Squatted"...

Look, I remember that the Dark Eldar was your first "real" army, and that was way back in 2000. The Dark Eldar was always a cool concept. Now, the new Codex does justice to that concept, and the new models are really good. Sadly, the Dark Eldar were ignored by GW for so long. I'm just glad they're back and in top form. That said, my 'Nids will wreck your Dark Eldar the next time we play, don't you worry...

Q: Ha ha! Nope. My Dark Eldar will run rings around you. I say bring it on, Hivemind Pete! On that note, though, what was the worst game with Nids that you've ever played?

It was against the Imperial Guard.  Any other player would have ranked this as one of their best games as everything seemed to go my way.  The dark gods of the dice had me rolling very well and my opponent had so tightly packed his units that my Biovores and tunneling Mawlocs and Trygons were able to reap massive casualties with only a few templates.  My opponent took the game with all his horrible rolls with great gamesmanship but I learned nothing about my troop selection and was disappointed in what I had hoped would have been a challenging game.  

Q: And finally, what was your best game with the Tyranids?

Without a doubt, it was the Apocalypse versus Dave's "Forces of Chaos" (you have been treated to some shots of my Bio-Titan in a previous update).  Apocalypse is just fun.  In many ways I feel its the way the game should be.  We laughed as Baneblades exploded on turn one killing everything around it except for a lone Zoanthrope.  We gritted our teeth and watched every die roll as my Hive Tyrants and Tyrant Guards in their Apocalypse formations squared up against Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes.  The entire game was laid back, or at least as laid back as it could be within our gaming circle, it was challenging and just plain ol' fun.

Q: Thanks for the compliment about my Bachelor Party Apocalypse. That was a ton of fun. And thank you for the interview. This has been a lot of fun, and enlightening. I hope that my readers will enjoy it. 

No problem, bro! Anytime. Now, about that tasty snack, er... game... Tyranids against your Dark Eldar...

Q: Gulp... well, after going through you ideas about the Nids and looking at the ugly critters... I just remembered that my Archon has left his oven on... What a shame... perhaps next time, Hivemind Pete..... 

Coward... Come back and be eaten by the Great Devourer!

Well, that's it for the interview folks! Hope you enjoyed it! Of course I'll game with Pete... Coming soon: Tyranids Versus Dark Eldar!! Who will have the last laugh?


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