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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battle June 30- Kin Wars

Welcome back to the Chaos Corner. I must confess that it's quite funny (and ironic) that I wanted to create a blog (in part) to take a look at all things Chaos for 40K, but all I talk about is the new Dark Eldar. I can't help it! They're new, shinny, and some of the best models out there for 40K! I also think the codex is good- great fluff, a challenging list to use (though better than the last one), and some nice artwork make it a great book all round.

So, last week (June 30) I played a game with my old college friend Joe. Like me, he owns a few armies, but I think he's great with Eldar. He's got a nice assortment of models, some great poses, and some nifty forgeworld stuff too. I only wish he'd paint them!!

Anyways, we had a 1700 point game- Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment. The game was a real back and forth affair. I was pissed when Lilith was gunned down like a bitch before she could do any damage. I also couldn't destroy a vehicle to save my life (couldn't get it on the vehicle damage table). On the other hand, My Talos wrecked his war walkers, and my warriors did damage via shooting (Wraithlords HATE +4 to wound on splinter rifles). Oh, and his Avatar had a hard time taking out 3 Reavers in cc for some reason... In the end, the game was a tie. Neither could get to the opponent's objective.

Before the new 'dex, if I had failed my rolls like that, the army would have died a quick death. But the new book gives enough surprises to permit SOME mistakes (I'm looking at you Flickerfield). Thus, I was able to mount a strong defense of my objective, stopping him from taking it.

So, here are some pics of the battle. Hope you enjoy. I'll be battling him tomorrow (Kin Wars Part II)!

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